11 Camping Products That Hundreds of Reviewers Swear By

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No more cold, no more rain — you guessed it, summer’s back again, and there is perhaps no better way to enjoy the outdoors than to spend the night camping and sleeping to the sounds of nature. However, a camping trip can quickly go south — with batteries running out, mosquitos treating you like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. But that doesn’t need to happen as long as you plan for everything!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve got you covered. We are presenting you with 11 innovative camping products that will make you want to put those hiking shoes on and head out right this second! We promise those nasty mosquito bites are a thing of the past.

1. Mosquito repellant bracelets to keep those nasty little creatures at bay

These were recommended to me by a friend and as we were off on vacation, I thought I’d give them a try. They are fantastic and do exactly what they’re supposed to. I didn’t get bitten once until the night I forgot to put one on and ended up with 3 bites, so they most definitely work. Great choice of colors, easy to wear for everyone in the family, and they look great. Would recommend these and will buy them again without a doubt. — Zara Melloy

Buy these bracelets here.

2. A little pod to purify tap water anywhere

Great. You can really taste the difference in the water. It works as quickly as it says. We have stopped buying bottled water. — M P

Buy this portable purifier here.

3. A portable toilet to fulfill all your needs

As I was going camping with my grandson, I decided to buy this. Why did I not invest in one of these 30 years ago when our children were small? Absolutely no problems with this at all. For my first use, I followed the instructions to the letter, and the toilet remained in the tent for the duration of our camping getaway of 4 days and 3 nights. It is so simple to empty. The amount of flush solution left in the tank was quite a lot, so I will know next time not to fill it. I was really impressed, no smells, flies, or anything...it is now packed away ready for the next expedition! — Iain

Buy this portable toilet here.

4. A bonfire camp stove to easily make a fire anywhere

Expensive but worth it. It works! It is virtually smokeless. Takes 15 minutes to warm up and get going, then let the convection begin. Fascinating to watch. Burns very hot and goes through lots of wood. Produces little ash as it completes combustion. It’s a joy! So pleased with it. Just get used to everyone asking if it’s a washing machine! — Jim

Buy this campfire stove here.

5. A portable washing bag to easily clean your clothes anywhere

This washing bag is incredible! I was able to keep on top of the clothes washing on a 3-week family trip (4 people) in just 5 minutes a day. Clothes come out really, really clean as opposed to when you try to wash them by hand in the sink. I would highly recommend this. — Jj

Buy this washing bag here.

6. A light, compact table that packs down to the size of an umbrella

This product is easy to put together, sturdy, very lightweight, and compact when stored in the supplied bag — happy customer. — Belli

Buy this table here.

7. A light camping mat that inflates in 3 to 5 minutes

Well-made, very comfortable, and larger than many. I tested it at home for 3 nights prior to use during camping, and it stayed inflated. I am very pleased. The price is reasonable, and it packs down quite small. It’s the most comfortable one I have had so far. Received the next day on Prime. — BRR1

Buy this camping mat here.

8. A portable toaster to make sandwiches anywhere

Having read some mixed reviews about this camping toaster, I decided to give it a punt and see whether it could satisfy my relentless hunger for toasted bread. It took a short time to assemble, then I simply placed it on my gas ring and lit the ring. Keep the bread straight on the rack and after a few turns, boom, toast! Simply add some Lurpak (slightly salted) and it’s enough to send an average man into a euphoric state. I am an average man and after quite a while of recuperation, I am now able to review this fantastic toaster. I have already chucked my normal toaster at home for one of these, the toast is so evenly cooked and crispy that it leaves everything else in its wake. — Ross Harding

Buy this portable toaster here.

9. A self-cleaning water bottle

I bought this bottle because all my other reusable bottles, after a while, start smelling badly, and you cannot really wash it off. I found this one, and it seemed like a really good idea. The design is cool and sturdy. I got the 740 mL one, and the water stays at the exact same temperature throughout the day. I use the Normal mode, and it seems to do the job. It is a great bottle for someone who often uses reusable bottles but gets annoyed by the funky smells and the bacteria that start happening in the other bottles. — Srki

Buy this water bottle here.

10. A lightweight, portable shower

Very pleased with this shower. It’s easy to use (and click on/off to save water) and the pressure is really very good. With one bucket of hot water (one kettle of boiling water and then filled up with cold) I wet my bob length hair, turned it off, lathered up my hair with Wash n Go (shampoo and conditioner in one), turned it back on and thoroughly rinsed it. I like that it uses a rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to be hooked up to the 12v to use it. I’ve used it twice, to wash my hair and to have a shower, and it still has charge. — Amanda Willis

Buy this portable shower here.

11. A portable camping grill for all your BBQ needs

Bought this as a compact alternative to our big camping stove for a road trip on the NC500. It’s brilliant! The grill plate means it’s ideal for breakfast or BBQ. Take the grill off and pop on the pan stand for quick pasta dishes, warming soup, or boiling the kettle. Very sturdy, we used it on cliff tops and beaches, in forests, and just at the side of the road for a quick cuppa. Easy to clean even when camping, and we only used 2 cans of gas over 7 days. — SuziQ

Buy this camping grill here.

With gadgets like these, you will be the coolest person at camp. Which of these products are you eyeing ahead of your next expedition?

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