11 Celebrities That Are Even Cooler in Real Life Than They Are on the Screen

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Taking part in an exhausting cycling race just 6 months after giving birth, catching criminals, and saving bees from extinction — these are just a few examples of things our favorite celebrities are capable of.

The Bright Side team loves learning new facts and sharing them with our readers. And today, we want to tell you some little-known things about the lives of famous people and show you how cool they really are.

Adele visited a 12-year-old fan that was ill before her concert.

12-year-old Rebecca was too weak to visit the singer’s concerts, so her mother decided to write Adele a letter asking her to visit the girl. Even though Adele had a manager replying to the letters, there was no effect until the singer herself saw the message. Right after that, she visited the girl before her concert, making Rebecca’s dream come true.

Sharon Stone returned to college and got a degree at the age of 58.

At the age of 43, the actress had a stroke, and doctors at the hospital didn’t even believe her at first, thinking that she was acting. They wanted to send her home. Only brain research showed how serious things really were.

For 3 years, Sharon Stone couldn’t even write her own name, she had hearing and vision problems, and her husband filed for divorce and took their son. But Stone turned out to be a strong person — she learned to talk, write, and read again, she got back custody over her son, and she even earned a college degree at the age of 58.

Jennifer Lopez took part in a triathlon just 6 months after giving birth.

In 2008, the singer proved that she could do anything by taking part in a competition covering a 0.5-mile swim, 18-mile bike ride, and 4-mile run course. Matthew McConaughey took part in the same competition.

Lopez hoped that preparing for the competition with a coach would help her body get back into shape. When she emerged from the water, it turned out that some of the clothes she needed to continue the competition were gone. Other participants lent her a T-shirt and sneakers, so she could finish the triathlon in 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Rowan Atkinson beat stuttering.

It’s hard to make famous directors interested and be a successful actor if you stutter. But Rowan Atkinson managed to do it. When he tried to act, he noticed that he didn’t stutter when he portrayed a character very different from himself.

So, instead of going to hundreds of auditions to get a role, he made up his own series, Mr. Bean, where he portrayed the main character — a man acting like a child. This show got a Rose d’Or and was sold in 245 countries around the world. And Atkinson himself was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his acting talent.

Ewan McGregor uses his Jedi force to open supermarket doors.

Ewan McGregor is interesting to watch not only on-screen but also in real life: the actor said that he loves opening supermarket doors with his Jedi Force, making a certain hand movement. He only does it to make himself feel good and feels a bit shy when he’s seen doing it. Unfortunately, he says his mind tricks are completely useless when it comes to influencing his children.

Selena Gomez has 7 Guinness World Records

Selena Gomez has 7 Guinness World Records over the span of 3 years. She has the biggest following on Twitter amongst female actors. She’s also on the list of the most popular actresses and has 3 records after winning various Kids’ Choice Awards.

Tom Hardy caught a thief.

According to witnesses, Tom Hardy looked like a real superhero when he started chasing a criminal that stole a moped. And he caught him! According to the actor, he did it to make the guy get on the right path.

Eminem may be the coolest dad in the world.

The song, “Lose Yourself,” got Eminem an Oscar, but he didn’t show up to receive it. Instead, he put his daughter to bed and went to sleep because the girl needed to get up early for school the next day. The popular rap singer is an exemplary father because, at home, he never uses any bad words and aside from his daughter, he raised 2 other girls that were from problem families.

Morgan Freeman got a pilot’s license at the age of 65.

From a very early age, Morgan Freeman dreamed of flying and even turned down a partial drama scholarship to instead enlist in the United States Air Force, climbing up the ranks to Airman First Class. After that, Freeman started building his movie career. But at the age of 65, he started taking flying lessons again and even got a license.

Lady Gaga gets a lot of awards and makes great donations.

Lady Gaga with her thirteenth Grammy she got in April 2022

In 2010, Lady Gaga decided to give all the money she earned for a show to the people in Haiti that suffered from natural disasters. The amount surpassed $500,000. But she’s not only kind and generous, but also very talented. For A Star Is Born (2018), she got an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA, becoming the first woman to get all these awards the same year.

Angelina Jolie covered her body with bees.

In 2021, Angelina Jolie covered her body with bees, trying to attract people’s attention to the problem of their extinction and help 50 female beekeepers get jobs in reserves. The actress was prohibited to take a shower 3 days prior because any odd smell on the skin, including shampoo, could confuse the bees. During the photo shoot, the star’s body was covered with a pheromone to attract bees. The entire shoot took 18 minutes, and fortunately, not a single bee stung Jolie.

What celebrity is your idol? What did they inspire you to do?


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