A Designer Creates Genius Dresses That Can Be Worn in Many Styles and for Any Occasion

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Not being able to wear your favorite dress just because the weather has gotten a bit colder is unfair. Thankfully, Oyinda Akinfenwa is a designer whose dresses don’t only look great, but they’re also practical, as each one has a few different styles and can be worn no matter what season it is. She shares her creations on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and we can only applaud her talent and creativity.

Bright Side is all about creativity and people doing what they love, so naturally, we were in awe of Oyinda and her talent, so we absolutely had to share them!

1. The date night dress

2. The Emerald II dress

3. The Cherry Jumpsuit

4. The Feb dress

5. The Jumpsuit II

6. Jumpsuit III

7. The Royal fit

8. The Jan dress

9. The Jumpsuit

10. The Honey dress

11. The date dress 2

12. The dress with a top

13. The Gracious dress

14. The perfect fashion dress

15. The Oyin dress

Which one of these dresses is your favorite? And if you want to get one for yourself, you can do so from Janore’s website.


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