15 People Share Some of the Most Fascinating Things They’ve Found or Created

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It is shocking to learn that many people choose their phones over their friends at gatherings and parties. This means that they miss so many of the things that happen and exist around them. But, fortunately, not everyone is like this and many people still concentrate on their surroundings. And they happen to see some of the most fascinating things.

Bright Side can’t get enough of these everyday discoveries that are far from our usual findings.

1. “The person who lived in my apartment before me planted pineapples.”

2. “I grew this crystal from scrap copper and vinegar. It’s called copper acetate, and it took 7 months to grow.”

3. “Cut into a tomato and a tomato farm was growing in it.”

4. “New housing tower in Amsterdam.”

5. “I took a picture of a UFO with its cloaking on.”

6. “A skate park designed like a frying pan.”

7. “The house my grandparents bought has a hidden basement that they weren’t told about. It’s full of boxes.”

8. “This stone stack”

9. “This airport has a LEGO vending machine.”

10. “Large hole in a huge mountain”

11. “This blue-tailed lizard.”

12. “The stairs in my camper look like a monkey.”

13. “This glass box filled with books.”

14. “My strawberry plant grew a butterfly-shaped strawberry.”

15. “The sky in Tokyo right before the typhoon.”

Did you see anything that truly surprised and amazed you lately, and if so, what was it?

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