11 Celebrities Who Were Able to Reincarnate but Didn’t Even Realize It

4 years ago

Apparently, every famous person has at least one look-alike. Of course, all of us have a unique appearance. But thanks to the limited number of genes that shape the face, chances are, there is someone in the world that looks very much like us. And celebrities have their look-alikes both among the people alive today, and among the people that lived in the past.

Bright Side came across the photos of internet users that found the paintings and photos of people that look very much like the celebrities of today.

Portrait of a Young Man by Barent Fabritius and Michael Jackson

American philosopher Henry David Thoreau and American comedy actress Ellen DeGeneres

Vladimir Lenin and Leonardo DiCaprio

“My friend’s uncle looked just like Dave Franco when he was young.”

“My grandmother looked like Arya Stark in 1936.”

“This is my friend at age 13. He looked exactly like Natalie Portman.”

“My great-great-grandfather looked just like Matthew McConaughey.”

A man from Harlem in 1939 and Jay Z

William Shakespeare and Paul Giamatti

American engraver Paul Revere and Jack Black

Philosopher John Locke and actor Adrien Brody

Bonus: Daniel Radcliffe and a guy from 1978

OnThe Tonight Show, Daniel Radcliffe was shown a series of old photos of people that looked almost like him. Laughing, Daniel admitted, “As it turns out, in the past, there were a lot of people that looked like me.” In order to demonstrate how much he looked like the guy in the photo, Daniel put on a wig and a plaid shirt and took a picture.

We were really surprised by how much Michael Jackson looks like the man from the painting. Do you think it’s because of the genes or is it just a coincidence?

Preview photo credit Gamble_MK9 / Reddit, HBO


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