11 Girls Reveal Why They Decided to Give Up on Beauty Procedures Forever

3 years ago

Sooner or later, every girl decides to change something in her look. Some prefer beauty treatments, others, on the contrary, avoid them. It’s not always easy to give up on makeup and hair removal procedures, as well as to decide to grow hair or eyebrows. But the result often exceeds all of our expectations.

At Bright Side, we spoke to 11 girls who decided to give up on some popular beauty procedures. They had different reasons for this, which they shared with us.

Girls gave up on different hair removal procedures

  • Darina: Once I decided to get a bikini wax. I knew it would be painful, but I wasn’t ready for the fact that the technician would remove my skin along with my hair. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I will never do this procedure again.
  • Susan: I visited 2 different technicians to do bikini sugaring for 6 months. In the beginning, I liked the results — the hair grew much slower though the skin was perfectly smooth for a couple of days. But later I began to get ingrown hairs, and a few hairs appeared from just one follicle. My skin was so irritated that it was painful to wear underwear. I couldn’t even shave. I had to use a trimmer and moisturize my skin. Of course, I immediately gave up on this experiment as soon as I started having problems. By the way, my hair began to grow less over time, but it was still more dense than before the procedures.

Women don’t want to get manicures from a salon any longer.

  • Leisy: I used to cover my nails with gel nail polish for 8 years in a row, but during breastfeeding, it stopped holding on to my nails due to a hormonal imbalance. Besides, I hated spending 2 hours in a salon, it was so boring. But I still didn’t dare to give up on it. And then salons were shut down for a while. I had to file off the old gel, and currently, I don’t use it anymore and live in total peace.
  • Olivia: 2 years have passed since I gave up on gel nail polish. I never had problems with my nails, they were always strong and smooth. When I first started using gel nail polish, I liked the result — it looked nice and was long-lasting. But after removing the gel, my nails became really thin, broke easily, and were painful. I had a choice to go on with using gel to cover my sensitive nails, or give my nails some rest, recover from pain and damage, and then again ruin them with this terrible product. I decided to just do nails without painting them. And if I want to, I cover them with clear nail polish at home.
  • Anna: My skin is very thin, and its capillaries are close to the surface. For some reason, technicians cut it deeply almost every time. Some of them even wondered why I felt pain and didn’t react to my requests to treat me in a more gentle way. It was also hard for me to find a good technician because I traveled a lot. Once, I happened to be in the hands of a beginner, and she made my long, gorgeous nails extremely short. Moreover, she damaged some of my nails with a milling machine when she tried to remove the gel. I cried in pain and decided to leave. But I still had to pay for the gel removal! Since then, I’ve been doing my nails myself or going to a salon to do the manicure without having them cut my cuticles.

  • I don’t paint my nails because I usually eat with my hands, without a spoon and fork. If I did my nails, I’d end up ruining it. Moreover, I can’t feel my nails or even the air when my nails are covered by nail polish. For me, nails with no paint are more classy. It is amazing to see when others do it. It’s fun and creative. Nowadays, there are a lot of manicure or pedicure techniques and styles for your nails. I love watching their tutorial videos because it’s totally an art. © Anice Hassan / Quora

A heroine ignores popular beauty procedures.

  • Diana: I don’t do nails, eyebrows, lips, or eyelashes, and I have a few good reasons for this. First, I believe that the beauty industry makes money on women’s insecurities, and I don’t like that. Someone who benefits from it made women believe that their eyelashes and nails are not good enough in their natural state and that they should be perfected. Otherwise, you’ll be labeled as an unkempt woman. But I don’t really think that anyone cares what eyelashes you have. You can also take care of your eyebrows and nails at home. But this is just my opinion, everyone does what they want to do. Second, I don’t want to waste my time on salons, or my money. I prefer to spend money on something I am passionate about.

These girls changed their attitude toward makeup products.

  • Taylor: 3-4 years ago, I couldn’t imagine going outside without foundation on my face. Even if I went to the gym or the supermarket, I still put on at least light makeup. I also carried along miniature makeup products to refresh my makeup when necessary. But it’s hot in the summer, and it’s stupid to wear makeup to the gym. That was why I tried to go outside without covering my pimples (as it turned out, only I paid attention to them). Eventually, I was surprised to realize that the difference was insignificant. Now I can’t understand why I was so obsessed with making my skin perfect because my skin was normal. I still put on makeup for some special occasions but on an everyday basis, I use a moisturizer with a matte effect.
  • Anastasia: I never really enjoyed makeup. My skin felt tightened from foundation. Mascara always flaked off and got into my eyes, making me want to cry but I couldn’t because, in this case, my eyelashes became hard. I always felt the eyeshadows on my eyelids, and I got a headache from it. I thought, “Why would I make such a sacrifice?” and threw all of my makeup products away. I haven’t used makeup for more than 4 years, and I feel wonderful! I agree, nice makeup is beautiful but natural beauty is no less beautiful to me.
  • Margo: I began to use foundation in the 8th grade because everyone around was saying that a girl should be well-groomed and attractive. In my first year in college, I got up earlier to put on makeup. It was hard, so I began to put on makeup less often. But once, I asked myself, “Why does being ‘well-groomed’ mean covering up pimples with foundation? Why do I need to cover up my pimples at all?” Everyone has them, and guys don’t care about them at all. Very one-sided standards. Instead, I began to cure my skin, clean it properly, and moisturize. I also changed my diet. I still had some break-outs, but they happened less often and didn’t bother me much. Now I don’t use anything to cover my skin, I don’t waste time in the morning, and I am not afraid of staining my clothes.
  • I never liked makeup. I didn’t wear it as a teenager and I’m not wearing as an adult. I don’t apply makeup for work, either. I like occasions. I like getting dressed up for special events and that’s the only time I break out my makeup collection, which consists of an eye pencil, mascara, and lipstick. I will even go so far as to say that I don’t wear jewelry. I never liked jewelry. I have no idea why I pierced my ears. I even got bored with my lip piercing. It took me a while to get used to my wedding rings. I just started wearing earrings regularly and only because they are small and were a present. I don’t hate makeup, I’m just not cut out for it. © Ekaterine Iberi / Quora

  • I don’t use makeup. It’s not that I don’t want to use it, it’s because I don’t know how to do it. There are Youtube tutorials for makeup application, but I’m too lazy for that. My sister is an expert when it comes to makeup, but I never ask her, I feel uncomfortable because she is 5 years older than me and she always treats me like her younger sister. And last but not least, it’s expensive. I mean I love food, books, and little things that make me happy more than makeup. Some people might think I’m just lazy, but in reality, I love my face without any product. © Emma Neko / Quora

The author of this story gave up on eyebrow correction.

  • Helen: I didn’t want to pluck my eyebrows and did it for the first time when I was 15 — my friend persuaded me. Every girl in my class did it from the age of 10. But I grew them back and eventually chose the shape that looked good on me. This year I decided to return to my natural eyebrow shape, because I thought it was beautiful. So I put the tweezers aside for a few months. My boyfriend supported me. He said that my eyebrows are totally my business, and that he would accept any shape I chose. I am halfway through now, but I’m very resolute.

Do you indulge in beauty procedures? Would you give up any of them? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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