11+ Movie Secrets That Only People Behind-The-Scene Know

6 months ago

Creating a movie is like embarking on an epic adventure, and there’s a whole universe of secrets behind the scenes that most movie buffs aren’t privy to. For example, have you ever noticed that the actors look far more attractive on-screen than in real life? Let’s unravel the answer and other intriguing mysteries behind the silver screen.

  • The quality of food on set depends on the film’s budget, ensuring both main stars and extras are well-fed. It’s a communal affair, with extras rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars.
  • The sanctity of a film’s plot is fiercely protected on set, with a strict ban on extra cameras or phones. This measure shields the narrative from potential leaks, preserving the element of surprise for the grand cinematic unveiling.
  • Ever wondered why actors look flawless on-screen compared to in real life? It’s the magic of digital retouching, a costly technology reserved for high-budget films. Wrinkles, pimples, smaller noses, longer legs — they can tweak it all!
  • Actors must be careful with their clothes since changing their outfits, even a little bit, can cause a continuity issue on film. Clothes might have to be safely and securely stored between shoots to avoid continuity issues.
  • During the shooting process, the actors’ makeup has to be tweaked quite often. But during some scenes, makeup artists just can’t be around the actors. In these cases, actors have to fix their own makeup themselves. They have a set of napkins, powder, and lipstick.
  • Movies keep spare sets of clothes in case they get ruined, and stunt doubles need their own wardrobe. Interestingly, actors might bring personal items on set, just like Jeff Bridges did for The Big Lebowski.
  • Crafted by specialized marketing agencies, movie trailers often take shape even before the film is entirely produced. The goal? To captivate audiences within the first 5 seconds, adapting to the rapid pace of the internet era. Rigorous testing with focus groups refines these tantalizing teasers.
  • Everyone wonders: Why are there spoilers in trailers that give away all the surprises? How are there no people who could help to avoid this? Of course, there are people, but the companies responsible for making the trailers want to put as much interesting stuff into them as possible just to attract viewers to theaters, and they don’t worry about essential plot points. Also, the directors of the trailers often don’t watch the movies and make the trailers blindly. They have no idea that they might spoil something important in trying to make it more appealing.
  • Relying on weather forecasts is a gamble when shooting movies, so special effects step in to create the desired weather for a film.
  • Rain is made with water sprinkled from extreme heights from hoses connected to fire hydrants.
  • Snow is made of paper or plastic. Sometimes, they use soap-based products put into a particular machine that turns the product into snowflakes.
  • Chemicals are often used to imitate fog. Mixing dry ice and water is a quick way to make fog in a pinch.
  • When they need to film a scene with amputated limbs, actors wear green socks on their limbs, and then those parts are deleted in post-production.
  • Scenes with music often get their perfect sound in post-production due to the challenge of handling multiple cameras during shooting. Also, any extra noise on set will be a problem, especially if there are lines of dialogue between the characters.

In order to increase their height, some actors wear platform shoes. Robert De Niro wore these shoes while filming The Irishman, as did Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace to be as tall as Gemma Arterton.

  • Today, actors don’t need to lose dozens of pounds for their roles or work out in the gym for months. Of course, there are still actors who do all of these things. But in many cases, actors’ faces are just added to other people’s bodies, or their bodies are edited in all kinds of ways. For example, in Homeland, the creators hid the fact that lead actress Claire Danes was pregnant.
  • Movie fans still think about the long legs that belonged to Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street. Many people think that her body was altered. But there are no official comments from the film’s creators, so we’re left to guess.
  • Dead Man’s Chest pushed the boundaries with CGI, notably in creating Davy Jones, the antagonist with a unique, gooey appearance. The character, portrayed by Bill Nighy, showcased the transformative power of CGI. The CGI work bringing Davy Jones to life left a lasting legacy in cinematic history.
  • Another example of the revolution of CGI is in Life of Pi. The stunning CGI brought Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, to life. The visual effects team meticulously crafted the tiger’s movements, making it realistic and emotionally expressive. The film showcased the impact of CGI on storytelling in cinema.
  • Often chosen for unique skills rather than resembling the actors, stunt doubles play a pivotal role in bringing daring sequences to life. Sometimes, they even portray specific body parts, adding more intrigue to their contributions. For example, in the famous scene where Jack is drawing Rose, the drawing hand is not DiCaprio’s but James Cameron’s, the film director, who is also a talented artist.

In essence, the mesmerizing tapestry of moviemaking extends far beyond what meets the eye on the screen. Besides the magic in post-production, some movie creators also like leaving breadcrumbs that only the most attentive viewers will see.


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