11 Pairs of Dog Breeds That Even an Avid Dog Person Might Confuse

3 years ago

There are more than 200 dog breeds in the world. And despite this huge diversity, many of them look alike. Spaniels, Boxers, and Pekingese can turn out to be completely different dogs. We won’t try to make you cynologists, but we will help you a bit to see the differences between similar looking pups.

For this, we at Bright Side created a list of dogs that are very easy to confuse. And next time you will clearly understand what kind of dog you are looking at.

1. St. Bernard and Moscow Watchdog

How you can tell them apart:

St. Bernard has a slightly flattened face with folds and a snub nose. A Moscow Watchdog is a bit smaller. Its body is elongated, its nose is straight, and there are no folds on its cheeks.

2. Pekingese and Japanese Chin

How you can tell them apart:

The face of Pekingese is almost flat and it is also a bit bigger, yet shorter. A Japanese Chin has a slightly rounded forehead.

3. Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

How you can tell them apart:

Golden Retriever has longer ears. Its coat is longer and can be wavy. A Labrador Retriever is more massive and more dense in build, with well-developed muscles. It has short, straight, and dense fur.

4. Malamute and Siberian Husky

How you can tell them apart:

An Alaskan Malamute has a large, bulky head and its ears are more rounded and set wider apart. A Siberian Husky has a tail that is curled down and long, thin legs.

5. Russian Toy Terrier and Prague Ratter

How you can tell them apart:

Russian Toy Terrier has ears that are triangular shaped, and its face is more pointed. A Prague Ratter is more muscular, sleeker, and longer.

6. Rough Collie and Sheltie

How you can tell them apart:

Rough Collie is taller and bigger and it has a narrower and longer face. While a Sheltie’s head is shorter and wider.

7. French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

How you can tell them apart:

French Bulldog is more squat, stocky, and shorter. There are deep wrinkles on its head and face. A Boston Terrier is sleeker with elongated and thin paws. It has smoother cheeks and a smoother forehead.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shepherd

How you can tell them apart:

Bernese Mountain Dog has a large and massive head with a wide, rounded forehead. An Australian Shepherd is smaller. It has a waterproof coat that is a medium length.

9. Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terrier

How you can tell them apart:

The body of American Pit Bull Terrier is less massive, and its legs are shorter. An American Staffordshire Terrier’s parameters are exactly the opposite. This dog is bigger and has longer legs and wider chest.

10. Cocker Spaniel and Irish Setter

How you can tell them apart:

An English Cocker Spaniel has longer ears that are set low. Its coat is long and slightly curly. An Irish Setter is bigger and has long face. Its coat is moderately long and less curly.

11. Boxer and Cane Corso

How you can tell them apart:

Boxer is smaller and shorter and its lower jaw protrudes forward. In a Cane Corso, the upper lips are droopy and cover the lower jaw.

Which other dogs are easy to mistake for each other? Which breed is your favorite one?


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