11 Things We Just Learned About Princess Diana That Make Us Admire Her Style Even More

3 years ago

She is perhaps one of the most celebrated and loved princesses we have known, and Princess Diana simply oozed sophistication. Behind the smiles and sparkles are her personal stories that make her style stand out above the rest. Her attention to detail is impressive and she fearlessly made statements with her clothing, proving that she was ahead of her time and a fashion icon.

Bright Side wants to share what made her style iconic so that you can learn the personal stories behind her looks.

1. She would add fabric to her tairas.

Princess Diana knew how to dress flawlessly, and was praised by Vogue for her fashion sense and attention to detail. This included blending her tiaras into her hair using a piece of fabric the same color as her hair. Looking closely you can see how this simple technique instantly made her tiaras look effortless and natural.

2. She had a horseshoe charm sewn into her wedding dress.

This lucky charm was sewn into her dress as a sign of good fortune for her marriage. One of the designers who made the dress, described it in her book saying that it was 18-karat gold and was studded with white diamonds. It was kept hidden on the gown’s label.

3. She made stockings a statement piece.

Looking through old photos of the Princess, you will find that she often uses her stockings to tie together her outfit in a very loud way. She would often match her stockings to her whole outfit for a chic monotone look. And, we have to say, she pulls it off amazingly every single time!

4. She had a sentimental charm bracelet.

This bracelet was one of her private treasures that had a special place in her heart. As a gift from her husband, Prince Charles, the bracelet held the letters “W” and “H” for her 2 sons William and Harry, along with other sentimental trinkets.

5. She once wore mismatched gloves.

Always drawing attention with her personal style, Diana once wore unmatched gloves to the official event, the America’s Cup Ball. Always ready to try something new and push her style limits, Diana proved that she can always look stunning.

6. She often wore colorered eyeliner.

Her eye makeup was a bold move, as she used sharp-colored (often blue) eyeliner to bring out her eyes, according to her makeup artist. This is something that you don’t see much with the new princesses Kate and Meghan, who both prefer a more natural look.

7. She would mix many bright colors in one outfit.

When we think back to Diana we think of her chic style, and the color! She seemed to love wearing strong contrasting colors in her outfits, making her stand out from the crowd even more. Although few of us would be brave enough for outfits like these, Diana wore them with perfect class when no one else could.

8. She avoided very high heels.

In order to make sure that Prince Charles looked taller than her, she wouldn’t wear very high heels. This is because they are actually the same height of around 5’8″ to 5’11″. When appearing together, it is not obvious that she is his height, because she often slouched her shoulders and kept her shoes low.

9. She had “cleavage bags.”

Because of royal rules around showing too much skin, Diana stayed modest by using her clutch bags to cover her cleavage when stepping out of a car. This would stop any embarrassing or revealing paparazzi shots from being published as she kept everything elegantly covered.

10. She became the first female royal to wear pants to an official event.

Proving that she was always forward-thinking and a risk-taker, she made a statement with her pants. She apparently wasn’t afraid of trying something new, and although it was not breaking the official royal dress code, it was a big move.

11. She wore her engagement and wedding ring after separating from Prince Charles.

If you look closely at her photos, you will notice that she continued to wear her rings after separating from Prince Charles in 1992, after they had difficulties in their marriage. Diana continued to wear her rings for the next 4 years, waiting until they officially divorced in 1996 before removing her engagement and wedding ring.

What are you most thankful to Princess Di for? Which of these did you find the most interesting?


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