11 Witty Pictures That Describe All the Joys of Being a Parent

2 years ago

Marina Bystrova is a mother of 2 children and an illustrator that loves drawing pictures of her everyday life, adding lots of humor. This is why it is impossible to not love her pictures.

We at Bright Side are sure that many parents will recognize themselves and their children in these illustrations.

“People that have never tried to feed a small child, what do you know about patience?”

“I have a theory. Maybe you want a second child once it gets easier with the first one.”

“I throw things away in secret from my husband.”

“Now that I’m a mother, I can see how tired other adults are.”

“You can’t bribe them. You can’t negotiate with them. They have no mercy. They are unstoppable. This is the perfect description of a baby.”

“I sympathize with people whose babies wake up really early for some reason.”

“Every single time”

“Silence is the only thing I want now.”

“Have you noticed that now, there are cartoons about anything?”

“Not a single celebrity is as popular among fans as mothers are among their small children.”

“There’s something amazing about babies. It’s a small sweet thing that can smile and melt your sad frozen heart.”

What important lessons have you learned from being a parent?

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