12 Cinema Characters Whose Unique Style Started New Trends in Everyday Life

3 years ago

Modern trends are not just born in designers’ workshops and on social media. There are many examples in the history of cinematography when movie characters became the icons of style and started new fashion trends. All because clothes are an important attribute that helps fully unfold the characters’ personalities in a movie and adds a special charm to the movie’s atmosphere as well. In addition, many clothes that were considered stylish at a certain point in time haven’t lost their relevance, even today. After all, we all know that new things are actually just old things that were forgotten a long time ago.

We at Bright Side dove into nostalgia while we were choosing these iconic outfits from movies that have influenced the canons of beauty and style.

The snow-white dress with a turtleneck from Basic Instinct

A laconic white dress can be more enticing than a mind-blowing evening gown with a deep neckline and designer Nino Cerruti together with Sharon Stone proved this. Thanks to this look, the vampy style changed while the gorgeous Sharon Stone showed that you can look stunning without black and red flowers, makeup, and other bright details.

The black dress from Indecent Proposal

Fashion designer Thierry Mugler created a charming floor-length black dress with an unusual neckline. It looked dashing on the actress. After the release of the movie in 1993, fashion mongers started to copy Demi Moore’s look. However, they preferred to make the bottom part of the dress shorter, which made the dress look even more mind-blowing.

Rachel Green’s outfits from the Friends TV series

The Friends series was so popular in the ’90s that many girls were trying to copy Rachel’s looks. For example, try to remember her long-sleeved blouse worn under a light dress with spaghetti straps. It looks fresh, elegant, and practical because it’s the perfect opportunity to wear a favorite summer dress, even when it’s chilly outside.

Also, the plaid print is still chic too: Rachel’s outfit with a sleeveless turtleneck and a checkered pencil skirt would look stylish even today. By the way, ordinary black trousers for office-wear can be combined with almost anything and Rachel proved this. In addition to those trousers, she wore a light blouse with delicate embroidery and transparent sleeves.

The bold and posh dress from the movie Casino

In the ’90s, clothes with elements like fur were not considered a sign of good taste, but instead thought to be quite old-fashioned. That’s why in order to outline Sharon Stone’s character’s wealth, designer Bob Mackie created a semi-transparent golden dress for her. Later it was sold at auction for $13,200.

The style of the ’90s from Clueless

After the release of the movie Clueless, this outfit became one of the most popular attributes of ’90s pop culture: a checkered yellow blazer with a skirt and white knee socks. Many fashion mongers still strive to get this look even today. What’s more, the hat of the second main character is on the list of legendary cinematography headdresses.

The boldness of bright pink from Legally Blonde

Many girls were trying to copy the look of Elle Woods at the beginning of the 2000s — a lot of pink colors, a deep neckline, high slit, and a small dog as an accessory. Thanks to this film, pink ceased to be a color that only frivolous girls wear and became trendy again.

The yellow dress from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Bright yellow outfits were not very popular in the 2000s. But everything changed after the release of the comedy movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The light, flowy, cross-strap floor-length dress with a bare back was created by designer Dina Bar-El. The yellow color was chosen to enhance the “Isadora” 84-carat yellow diamond pendant that was worth more than $5 million, that the main character was wearing at the gala. After the release of the movie, yellow evening dresses became the center of every girls’ attention. And, of course, it was the model with a cross-strapped back that became extremely popular.

The style of the ’00s from Mean Girls

Continuing the trend of Legally Blonde, Mean Girls also features pink outfits. The movie portrays the main trends of the 2000s style: loose-fitting T-shirts, velvet tracksuits, accessories with colored logos, striped knee socks, baggy sweatshirts, and eyeliner applied in style of early Avril Lavigne.

Unconventional fashion styles from The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is abundant with outfits from world-famous brands. In the course of the plot, Anne Hathaway’s character changed many looks, which seemingly combine the incongruous. While some people didn’t like these combinations, others started to use those details (like leopard print with bright colors that we can see on the main character’s coat) in real life.

Sophisticated retro style from the movie Carol

The movie Carol completely immerses the viewer in a retro atmosphere. Cate Blanchett’s look is the embodiment of elegance: scarves tied around the head or neck, watches with thin metal bracelets, large brooches, bright colors, and red lipstick. It is these details that create a feminine and sophisticated look that has been inspiring women all over the world for several years.

The yellow dress from La La Land

After the release of La La Land, it was not just dances that became popular again but the color yellow as well. It was Mia’s bright yellow dress that started the trend — this color was considered to be the “new pink” color for the new millennials in 2018.

The intense and bright style of Renata from the Big Little Lies series

Renata is the most stylish character in the series. She demonstrates how clothes can become a symbol of confidence, power, and strength, and an indicator of status. The costume designer Alix Friedberg confessed that she has experimented a lot with this character’s costumes because Renata’s personality allowed it. Her looks are intense, but they have a sense of chic and a shine that makes others go crazy. Her ruby red dress Zodiac by Roland Mouret was searched for on Lyst 87% more after its appearance in the series.

We all know that fashion is cyclic. Would you like a certain trend to make a comeback? Which outfit from this list would you like to try on?

Preview photo credit Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures


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