12 Cosmetic Products That Cause Us to Waste Our Money

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Cosmetics manufacturers show us their products in the best light possible. It seems that between all the commercials and beautiful packaging, cosmetic companies play on our insecurities. Through their marketing, they convince us that the ingredients or attributes of their products are very important and necessary when it comes to our appearance. But it’s not always like that.

We at Bright Side sorted out which cosmetic products are necessary from those that aren’t. Pay attention to our tips below to avoid being disappointed.

1. Big eyeshadow palettes

When you are in a cosmetics store, spending half your salary on 100-200 different shadows is easy. It might seem like they’re all necessary, and the variety is impressive. But you will probably not ever need or use that many different colors.

What to buy instead? High-quality palettes, 7-10 shades that you like and can mix and match with different kinds of makeup.

2. Shampoo for “all hair types”

Sometimes, you might think that a shampoo for “all hair types” is the easiest purchase because it’s all-encompassing and won’t do any harm. But all of us are different, and just like we have different types of clothes, we also have different hair types. Additionally, universal shampoos can cause the appearance of dandruff and the overdrying of hair.

What to use instead? The best choice is to buy shampoo according to your hair type — please consult a specialist if you have doubts about yours.

3. Huge set of brushes

In this situation, many people think that more means better. Why not buy a kit of 25-30 brushes? You might need them one day, right? Well, probably not. You are very unlikely to try all of them even once. It is a waste of money unless you are a professional makeup artist.

What to use instead? A small kit of professional brushes that you will use.

4. Body and lip scrub

Modern beauty aisles or cosmetic stores offer many different types of scrubs. Beautiful packages promise that you will have baby soft skin. But most of these products are based on simple ingredients like honey, coffee, salt, or olive oil. Why buy something you can make at home?

What to use instead? Make scrub at home — there are tons of good recipes online. And if you don’t feel like it, use a gentle soap and sponge.

5. Face cream with botox

The “magic effect” of Botox is alluring — it tightens the skin, paralyzing the muscles. It’s generally applied by professionals beneath the surface with needles, so let’s face it: there’s no way it can get to your muscles through a simple cream and give you the same effect. Of course, the cream has its own positive results — not thanks to Botox, but to the other ingredients in anti-aging creams.

What to use instead? Please talk to your dermatologist to be informed of all options that are safely available for your unique needs.

6. Bottom lash mascara

Cosmetic manufacturers think that as long as they can create a demand, they will be able to make money from the product they supply. Take the example of mascara — now they make them both for the top and bottom eyelashes. And, believe it or not, some girls think they need both products to reach the ’desired effect’! But keep an eye out: this is no more than a marketing move — a regular mascara can do the exact same job.

What to use instead? Just stick with one high-quality mascara from a reliable brand, and use it as you usually would.

7. Anti-aging serums

People want to believe that there’ll be a magical solution to somehow make their skin look young again. And the high prices for many of those “magical solutions” seem convincing. But there’s an important thing you should know: there is no product or treatment that can get to the deepest layers of your skin and flatten the wrinkles from the inside. All that you can honestly hope for is just good old-fashioned moisturizing, sun protection, and less daily stress.

What to use instead? A good moisturizing cream is always a good habit to adopt daily. Anything beyond that requires medical intervention — some options might help those who want to look young again, so please seek professional help to evaluate your possibilities.

8. Cream for reducing dark circles under eyes

Of course, nobody looks good with dark circles under their eyes. But the truth is these creams that promise miraculous effects are useless too. All they can do is mask the circles a little bit. In most cases, dark circles result from blood vessels that have become more visible, and there is absolutely no way that cream will make a difference in these cases. On the other hand, if the reason why you have the circles is a lack of sleep, the only solution is to get better daily rest.

What to use instead? To help shrink dilated blood vessels, anything cold is your friend — and try to deal with the reasons that you have them, whether it be stress, lack of sleep, or negative factors that might be throwing your health off in general.

9. Moisturizing hair masks

The stickers on the package promise a lot: healthy hair, no split ends, etc. However, you can’t make your hair healthier without treating the hair follicles. All that the masks can do is make your hair easier to brush.

What to use instead? Please seek out a stylist that you trust. And if you want to investigate and improve the health of your hair, please seek help from your dermatologist.

10. Cream with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the substance that holds in moisture and helps produce proteins needed for tissue balance in the body. However, with age, the resources of this acid become smaller, and the aging of the skin begins.

Because the molecules of this substance are too big, they can’t get deep under the skin. So, don’t expect any usefulness from using external hyaluronic acid products. The only way it can act deep as needed is with the assistance of a specialized professional.

What to use instead? Please seek help from your dermatologist and evaluate your treatment options.

11. Conditioners you don’t need to wash off

It might seem like this product can quickly solve all of your hair problems: split ends, pigment issues, etc. Yes, this conditioner can make your hair soft and smooth, but it does not affect its health.

What to use instead? A regular conditioner should work just perfectly. If there’s a need to investigate and treat further problems, please seek help from a specialist.

12. Shower gel

Many shower gels are too harsh on the skin, causing too much dryness due to the destruction of its protective layer. That’s why you should be careful about the gel you use. You might need a special soap, according to your skin type.

What to use instead? Always seek high-quality moisturizing soaps or shower gels based on your skin type — if you’re not sure what your skin’s profile is, talk to your dermatologist.

And what secrets of choosing cosmetic products do you have?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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