12 “Game of Thrones” Characters With Their Real-Life Partners and Families

4 years ago

For almost 7 years we have been lost in the labyrinth of "Game of Thrones," trying to predict and figure out the next moves of the residents of Westeros. We have followed their love lives, empathizing with or hating the breakups and reunions, and sometimes forgetting that our favorite characters don't date each other in real life. Well, except for one couple!

Bright Side decided to show you how the partners and families of our beloved "Game of Thrones" characters look in real life. Which one of these couples is a surprise to you?

12. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte)

We all remember the love-hate relationship between the Night’s Watchman Jon Snow and wildling woman Ygritte. In the end, love won out and moved off-screen. The first rumors appeared in 2012, but the first time Kit Harington, 31, and Rose Leslie, 30, appeared in public as a couple was in the spring of 2016. He later admitted that the first days of the romance began while filming in Iceland, and those weeks were obviously his favorite.

Now the couple is on the official marriage track, according to recent news. The 2 are engaged, and the only thing left for us is to guess whether the wedding will be held in winter or summer.

11. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and his wife, Erica Schmidt

Nobody could imagine "Game of Thrones" without Tyrion, both smart and kind, with a great sense of humor. Unlike his character, Peter Dinklage, 48, is happily married to writer-director Erica Schmidt, 42. They have a 5-year-old daughter and just recently welcomed a second child. They are both very secretive about their private lives, but Peter’s Instagram shows that his family is simply happy.

10. Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) and his wife, Lisa Bonet

The strong and charismatic Khal Drogo was portrayed by Jason Momoa, 38, from Hawaii. He recently got married to actress Lisa Bonet, 50, his longtime love. Jason was only 8 when he saw her on TV and told his mom that he would stalk her "for the rest of his life" and that he would get her. Said it, did it! Though he didn’t tell Lisa this story until they had 2 babies. She always was and we hope she will always be his Khaleesi.

9. Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) and her boyfriend, Giles Deacon

The fierce Brienne of Tarth, played by Gwendoline Christie, is as awesome off-screen as she is on-screen. She is a philanthropist, an outspoken feminist, and has a great sense of style. Maybe that last one comes as a result of dating high-end fashion designer Giles Deacon with his great royal connections.

Giles once mentioned that Gwendoline is a fantastic muse, and she inspired his first couture collection. He, in turn, is Gwendoline’s favorite designer. According to her, he has an exquisite artistic vision and brilliant discipline. They are just adorable, aren’t they?!

8. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and his wife, Nukaaka Coster-Waldau

Danish actor Nikolaj, 47, amazingly portrayed Sir Jaime Lannister. Unlike "forever bachelor" Jaime, Nikolaj is married to Greenlandic singer, actress, and former Miss Greenland Nukaaka Coster-Waldau, 46. They have 2 adorable teenage daughters and enjoy a low-key off-set life just near Copenhagen. His wife of almost 20 years hasn’t watched "Game of Thrones"! Don’t worry, she has a pact with Nikolaj’s mother that one day they will sit down and see it all in one go.

7. Aidan Gillen (Petyr Baelish) and his girlfriend, Camille O'Sullivan

Smart and tricky Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is played by Irish actor Aidan Gillen, 49. He likes to play bad guys because these roles are usually the most interesting ones. He credits his success to his wife and 2 kids for being his motivation back in 2009. At the moment, he is dating Irish singer Camille O’Sullivan, and they appear together often. However, they both prefer to keep their private lives away from the public.

6. Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) and her boyfriend, Guy Pearce

The mysterious red-haired Lady Melisandre, complete with superpowers and charm, is played by the famous Dutch actress and singer Carice Van Houten. She is dating Australian actor and musician Guy Pearce, and just recently they were seen together taking their 6-month-old baby for a casual family stroll in Amsterdam. The couple lives in Europe as Carice doesn’t like having a "Hollywood" life.

5. Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane) and his wife, Gry Molvaer Hivju

Tormund Giantsbane, a free-spirited, red-bearded wildling, is portrayed by Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, 39, who is also a producer and a writer. Even though he looks fierce on-screen, he is a loving husband and an adorable father of 2. He married his long-time girlfriend, Gry Molvaer, in 2015, and now he brings his family onto the sets.

He never misses a chance to tell her and the world through his social media accounts how much he adores and loves her and his family. Occasionally, the 2 redheads are caught on camera looking furious with each other, but a small fight is nothing for these lovebirds, and they always quickly bounce back into cuddly love.

4. Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) and his girlfriend, Aisling Loftus

The strong, disciplined, and restrained Grey Worm smiles more in real life, looks happier, and loves singing. Jacob Anderson is an actor, singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer. His girlfriend is English actress Aisling Loftus. According to Jacob, he has never met anybody who cares about people as much as his girlfriend, and they never run out of things to talk about. They’ve been dating for over 5 years and are as happy as ever.

3. Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) and his girlfriend, Charlotte Emmerson

Jorah Mormont, devoted supporter and follower of the Mother of Dragons, is played by Iain Glen, a Scottish actor. Iain has been sharing his life with British actress Charlotte Emmerson for the last 11 years, and they have 2 daughters. Iain is also a great musician. He plays piano and guitar and has acted in various musicals, most notably starring with Nicole Kidman in Martin Guerre. Just one word for him: talent!

2. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and her fiancé, Joe Jonas

21-year-old English actress Sophie Turner made her acting debut as Sansa Stark. She was just 15 when the show was first broadcast. She is now 21 and was dating American singer and actor Joseph Adam Jones (Joe Jonas), 28, for less than a year before she said, “Yes!” to his marriage proposal. The couple got engaged in October 2017, but a month before that they already made their first serious step by jointly adopting a husky puppy. The world welcomes a family of 3!

1. Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and her boyfriend, Ollie Jackson

Just like Sophie, Maisie (who is a year younger) also made her acting debut on "Game of Thrones." Sisters on set, friends in real life! Maisie has been in a relationship with Ollie Jackson for about 2 years, and he is not a famous or public figure. According to her Instagram, they met at school. They went public only in February 2017 and have been sharing with the world how happy they are ever since.

Which character is your favorite? Which real-life couple is your favorite? Share your answers in the comments below!

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