12 Little Tricks That Can Help You Look Like a Supermodel in Photos

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To look good in photos, we should be confident and relaxed. Unfortunately, natural and familiar poses rarely look good in photos. And others, that emphasize natural curves of the body, seem too pretentious. We decided to put together photo tricks that will help you make your photos perfect.

Try to place one of your hands on your waist or on your hip.

The pose in which a person puts both hands on the waist is considered one of the best. It emphasizes all natural curves, the person looks confident and open. In addition, arms in this position look more toned.

But this pose also makes a person take up too much space in the frame. Therefore, it's best to place only one of your hands on the waist, and the other one move slightly away from the body and place it on the hip.

Don't face square into the camera.

Even if you are relaxed, you'll look stiff in the photo if you're facing square into the camera. Also, the body in this position appears more massive, as the eye immediately stops on the widest parts of the body.

It's best to turn slightly and move one leg forward. The main thing is not to turn too much, almost in profile, because it will look weird. It's enough to stand at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Lean forward a little bit.

Usually we stand with our head slightly back, leaning mainly on our heels. But this pose won't look favorable in photos, as the head immediately seems smaller and the body more massive.

It's best to tilt the torso slightly forward. This way the body will look slimmer, more graceful and visually more proportional.

Don't keep your arms down along your body.

The eternal question: where to keep your hands during a photo shoot? If you let them hang freely along the body, they will hide the natural line of the waist, and even a woman with an hourglass figure will look too square in the photo. And hands looking straight into the camera may become clumsy claws.

But you shouldn't fold your arms on your chest, either. On the one hand, this pose can help you look confident. But on the other, the arms appear too big in the end. The best option is to place your hands on your hips or fold them across your stomach.

Try pressing your tongue against your palate.

If your neck and chin are relaxed, they may appear a little slack, which doesn't look too pretty in photos. To avoid this, you can use this little trick: press your tongue against the palate. This tenses the right muscles and tightens the neck and chin.

Try looking a bit above the camera.

If you stare intensely into the camera, the result can be somewhat frightening. It might seem that you try to hypnotize everyone with your gaze. To avoid this impression, it's worth looking slightly above the camera.

Don't sit too far back in the chair.

This pose seems natural, but the photos like this turn out not so good. First, the hips and butt immediately appear much more massive, they literally spill around on the chair. Second, the torso looks shorter while the waistline disappears.

It's best to sit on the very edge of the seat, turn the body slightly, making the silhouette asymmetric, and pull one leg forward. You can also place it on some kind of elevation.

Move all your weight on one of your legs.

If the weight is distributed evenly between both legs, you may appear a little heavy. It's worth shifting most of the weight to the back leg. This will immediately give the silhouette an S-shaped curve.

This pose emphasizes the natural lines of the body and makes the figure slim. The main thing is not to lean back or away from the camera, because this pose will look unnatural.

Suck in your stomach to look taller.

Even if a person is lucky enough to have a six-pack, it's still a good idea to suck in your stomach during the shoot. This helps to maintain correct posture and creates a more graceful silhouette. Besides, this will help you look taller.

Don't be afraid of the camera.

Many people hate being photographed because they suddenly get a double chin in the pictures. However, the culprit is the pose we take involuntarily in most cases.

Some people, without even noticing it, move their head away from the camera or lower their chin, making it appear as a double one. If you tilt your head slightly (as if you're listening to something), the lines of your chin and neck will immediately become more graceful.

Lean against something.

When a person stands leaning on and against something, they don't look very natural, but in the photo this pose looks great. Additional objects in the frame, with which your body interacts, will help you look relaxed.

Movement in the frame should be natural.

If you tend to often take photos of yourself, then you've probably noticed that you use the same set of poses. So, try to move in front of the camera. This way, your body will look more natural.

Just remember not to make too wide steps and wave your arms. This way, you might look like a robot. It's best to move slowly and smoothly, slightly bending the body and putting one foot in front of the other.

And here are a few photo tricks from celebrities. Don't miss them.


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