12 On-Set Secrets That Directors Masterfully Hid From Curious Eyes

2 years ago

While shooting movies, actors, directors, cameramen, and special effects creators go through many things and do a lot to create their long-awaited masterpiece. Directors, perhaps, have to work the hardest because they’re on point for watching the other side of the shooting process with all of its unsightly components.

We at Bright Side found 12 curious secrets that movie creators so masterfully hid in their films. The bonus at the end will show you a frame depicting the continuation of a fantastic cult film.

Here is how Gal Gadot’s flight in Wonder Woman looked during the shooting process.

The special effects artists have done a tremendous amount of work to make the CGI in the Wonder Woman movie look really professional and colorful. Apart from creating the cloudy background, the experts also tidied up her hair, lightened her skin, and made less pronounced dark circles under her eyes.

The twins from The Truman Show were actually working as security guards.

The funny twins from The Truman Show are played by Don and Ron Taylor, 2 policemen who worked as security guards on set. Director Peter Weir saw how friendly they were with the film’s cast and crew, so he hired them as actors.

Scorsese invited a real gangster on set.

In one of the scenes in Scorsese’s movie The Nice Guys, the frame shows a man who is introduced as Fat Andy. He is played by a true NY police detective, Louis Eppolito. However, several years after the release of the movie it turned out that Eppolito didn’t just serve as a guardian of order. In 2006, he was sentenced to life in prison for serious crimes and involvement in a mafia group.

What does the sign on Walt Disney’s tie mean?

In the biographical movie Saving Mr. Banks (2013), Tom Hanks wears a tie that Walt Disney wore in real life. The strange symbol is the logo for “Smoke Tree Ranch,” a real place in Palm Springs which was a vacation spot for Walt Disney and his family.

The credits in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! were designed in an unusual manner.

In The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988), cast members who only had one line are listed in the credits by the line they spoke, rather than the character they played. This method helps to identify the characters of the crowd scenes.

Director Garry Marshall invites the same actors to play in his movies, even for small roles.

The most attentive cinema lovers noticed that director Garry Marshall invites the same actors to play in his movies. And this applies to small roles as well.

For example, in The Princess Diaries (2001) Mia breaks her glass at a dinner party and a waiter reassures her, “It happens all the time.” In Pretty Woman (1990), a waiter played by the same actor says the exact same line to Vivian after she flings a snail across the room.

Joker’s cult dance wasn’t a part of the director’s plan.

Joker’s cult dance in the bathroom was Joaquin Phoenix’s improvisation. According to the director’s idea, Arthur should have just looked in the mirror and calmly pondered upon his actions. But after listening to the composer’s music, Phoenix thought that a dance would look good in this scene, and eventually, this variant of the scene remained in the final version of the movie.

The portrait in Knives Out changes at the end of the movie.

In the detective movie Knives Out (2019), the portrait of Harlan Thrombey, played by Christopher Plummer, changes at the end of the flick. The character’s calm facial expression turns into a knowing smirk after the mystery is revealed.

The composer of The Truman Show appears in the frame.

The man playing the piano while Truman sleeps is composer Phillip Glass. He created some of the music for the movie, including the piece he is playing.

While shooting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Taylor Lautner resembled a diver more than he did a wolf.

That’s what Taylor Lautner looked like when he was depicting a werewolf. Most of the work was done by special effects, but the actor also contributed by wearing a special costume and demonstrating the movements characteristic of the animal.

It’s worth noting that Lautner looked quite comical in this look and perhaps was making the other members of the shooting process laugh.

The director had to reshoot a scene because of the Rock’s huge muscles.

Actor Dwayne Johnson talked about a curious thing that happened to him on the set of the Red Notice movie. It happened while shooting the chase scene, for which they bought and brought a luxury sports car to the shooting set. However, Johnson turned out to be too big to fit into this sports car. First, the crew didn’t believe him and decided that the actor was pulling everyone’s leg.

Eventually, the director had to change the entire shot sequence around because of the Rock. His big muscles wouldn’t allow him to get into this car. In the end, the film creators found a way out of the situation and found a way to shoot this episode using all their creativity to the fullest.

Mulan’s horse was not real.

Yep, that’s what the horse Mulan was riding in the last screen adaptation looked like in real life. Special effects artists made it look more real with the help of computer technology.

Bonus: That’s what Kate Winslet, in Avatar 2, looked like before overlaying computer graphics.

We are still left guessing about what role Kate Winslet will have in the new Avatar. But the photos from the set where the sequel of the cult movie is being created have already been circulated on the internet. It’s known that the actress has actively started free-diving as a part of her preparation for the role.

What details that were hidden by movie directors have you noticed?


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actually if you think of it, those scenes that actors brought by themselves by improvisation often become cult


I have never noticed that sign on Walt Disney’s tie 🤔


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