12 Ordinary Things Queen Elizabeth Has Supposedly Never Done in Her Life

2 years ago

Although Queen Elizabeth II was already caught breaking some strict royal protocols, there are some rules that she just couldn’t escape. This led to a list of everyday things and experiences that Her Majesty actually never had the chance to do, like getting her driving license or opening presents on Christmas day.

Bright Side gathered a bunch of surprisingly normal things the Queen has never done.

1. She is not supposed to take selfies.

Now that social media are officially part of our world, taking selfies is just as common as taking a normal photo. But Queen Elizabeth has managed to stay away from this trend, as the whole royal family isn’t allowed to take selfies with their fans.

2. She isn’t allowed to open presents on Christmas Day.

In most countries, the mornings of Christmas Day are reserved to open the most anticipated presents under the tree. But for the Queen, this is not the case. Since Victorian times, presents are opened on Christmas Eve at tea time, when all the family is reunited.

3. She has never taken a driving test.

It’s no secret that Her Majesty likes to drive, but she has never actually taken a driving test. In fact, because of her unique powers as a monarch, the Queen is the only person in the UK that doesn’t even need to have a driver’s license and her cars can even go around without a license plate.

4. She has never dated.

Although Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip had a fairytale wedding, they never actually dated. The couple met when Lilibeth was only 13 years old and they fell in love right away but had to carry out their romance through writing letters. Later in 1946, when the soon-to-be Queen was 20, Philip asked King George VI for his daughter’s hand in marriage and they were inseparable ever since.

5. She has never been to school.

Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, were the last 2 members of the royal family to be homeschooled. The Queen had special tutors that taught her constitutional history, French, and she even took a Vehicle Maintenance course during her teens.

6. She has never voted.

Queen Elizabeth II and her family can vote, but they choose not to. That’s because the royal family has a rule which requires that they keep themselves as politically neutral as possible, and the Queen follows this order strictly.

7. She has never asked for a passport.

The Queen is the only royal family member that doesn’t need a passport to travel overseas. As the British passport is issued under her name, it isn’t necessary for her to have this document.

8. She never had a 9 to 5 job.

Being a Queen definitely requires a lot of work, but Elizabeth II has never done anything else. She began her duties as a princess when her father was still alive and became Queen at 25 years old, never spending one day outside of her responsibilities.

9. She has never fed her dogs by herself.

The Royal corgis are famous for their fluffy faces and for having the most privileged life. Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis throughout her life, and all of them were gifted with a bespoke room, known as the Corgi Room, and with an elaborate menu just for them. A gourmet chef is the one responsible for feeding all the dogs.

10. She isn’t supposed to celebrate her birthday on the correct day.

It’s been a tradition since 1748: a King or a Queen will only celebrate their birthdays in the summertime. That’s because they need to throw a big, public celebration, and in the summer it is easier to have nice weather for everybody. Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April but always celebrates on the second Saturday in June.

11. She has never shown affection in public.

Kissing and hugging Prince Phillip in public was something that Queen Elizabeth II always stayed away from. Although they have been caught holding hands occasionally, the main rule she followed is to show zero PDA with her husband.

12. She has never made a grocery shopping list.

A routine for most of us, but far from reality for the Queen, grocery shopping is one of the things Her Majesty doesn’t have to worry about. She and her family have a household staff that takes care of all the shopping.

Which experience did you not realize the Queen has supposedly never done? Tell us in the comments below.

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the 1 thing that the royal family isn't allowed to do is play Monopoly because they get into arguments while playing. Someome want to give Prince Andrew Monopoly and he had to decline it


I am sure this has been very hard for her to be without her husband, loving him as long as she has. 😭 I can’t believe I missed her nickname growing up, and that her husband called her that as well, Lilibet. I did know about Prince William calling her Gary. I sometimes call my husband the name he gave himself when he was little. His youngest brother had trouble with his own long first name and had a cute nickname for himself.


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