How to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Trees

10 months ago

We all await this magical time: our families, our friends, and especially our lovely pets! Every member of our family wants to take part in decorating the Christmas tree, to make his or her mark on it, and to get that celebratory energy. But sometimes our 4-legged friends get overexcited when it comes to Christmas trees.

Bright Side prepared crazy and effective ways to protect your decorations and nerves from disaster. Enjoy! And get into the holiday spirit with us!

Merry Upside-Down Christmas!

If you don’t want to set up your Christmas tree as in the previous tip, there’s also detailed instructions for you to hang it with all the ornaments and decorations a bit differently: upside down. It’s unusual and adds some more magic to your home.

A tree from another world

You can even improve upon the idea of hangable trees by opening portals and taking a tree from another world. Add a bit more fairy tale to your Christmas!

If you still want a traditional Christmas tree... can do this. At least you’ll have a fully decorated tree. And you can set it up again next Christmas as it’ll keep its appearance in that wrapping for years.

Do we really need a tree for Christmas?

We’ve got gifts, we’ve got various decorations, and we’ve got a pet who wants to be the main tree at Christmas. We’re ready to celebrate!

An alternative tree

If you can’t put up a Christmas tree for the holiday but still want one, there’s an alternative for you. It has several functions: it’s a fir tree, it can be used as a decoration, and it smells. How many trees have you met with this variety of functions?

"I am a star. A mighty, mighty star."

All these life hacks for protecting our Christmas tree show that our imagination knows no limits. For this, we should be thankful to the 4-legged members of our family! They always help us, and if they’re a bit more excited than us, it’s probably best if we join them and do everything possible to prepare the perfect celebration. Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s exchange our experiences! Share your pet-proofing secrets with us in the comments.


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