12 People Who Make the World Brighter With Their Uniqueness

2 years ago

Be it a baby born with 12 toes and 12 fingers or a girl with elf-like ears, some people are just so special, they stand out from the crowd without trying. It’s almost as if Mother Nature was feeling too creative when she created them.

People are proudly sharing what makes them unique with the world. Bright Side has selected some of such people for our readers.

1. “Apparently my new nephew has 12 toes and 12 fingers.”

2. “I was born with short ring fingers. It looks like I have 2 pinkies.”

3. “I was born with differently-colored eyebrows and eyelashes.”

4. “I love my vitiligo — be proud to be different!”

5. “I was born with a pointed ear, making it look like I could be an elf.”

6. “I have freckles that are only visible under a black light.”

7. “My friend was born with only 4 toes on her left foot.”

8. The girl on the left is 14 years old.

9. “I have a patch of vitiligo in my hair at the back of my head, right in the middle so when I braid my hair it looks like this.”

10. Packed in the fun size of 4’2″.

11. One of my toe nails is missing.

12. “My nephew was born with a full head of hair.”

What distinctive features do you have? We’d love to see what makes you unique in the comments below!

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