12 Things It’s Better to Buy Used Instead of Brand New

3 years ago

When buying used products, you’re supporting your local economy and other good causes. You’re helping the planet by polluting less and saving a lot of money. There are a lot of things that don’t need to be bought new and that can work just as well as a secondhand piece.

Bright Side supports reusing old items by giving them a new life and we selected 12 items that it’s more than ok to buy used rather than brand new.

1. Furniture

Old furniture is usually very well-made, which makes it very resilient. A fresh coat of paint and some products to get rid of the scratches will make it look brand new. You will end up with a new (to you), cheap, and durable piece of furniture.

2. Books

You’ll save a lot when buying old books. As long as they are still readable and in decent condition, a secondhand book is a great and eco-friendly option. You’ll be enjoying a good read while saving trees and the planet.

3. Bikes

Secondhand bikes can work as good as new ones. The advantage of buying a used one, apart from the price, is that even if it needs a few replacement parts, they are cheap and you can have a nice and perfectly fine bike.

4. Household appliances

Household appliances like washing machines, fridges, and so on can stop working all of a sudden. The problem might not be fixable and you may need to buy a new one ASAP, but new ones are pretty expensive. In this case, a used appliance will save your life. You can find some in a great condition because the past owner perhaps changed their kitchen. These appliances usually last for a long time.

5. Toys

Kids get tired of certain toys at some point and will never play with them again. They are not pieces you’ll keep forever, so buying them secondhand makes them fair in value. There are toys that were discontinued as well and they are so rare that you can only buy them secondhand.

6. Video games

Some games are really expensive and that’s a high price to pay for something you could easily finish in 2 days, so buying secondhand makes more sense in this case. Plus, the past owner should be able to give you an honest review on it. You can also buy games that are no longer available.

7. Baby clothes

Secondhand baby clothes can also be a great option. Babies change their clothing sizes unexpectedly and you never know how fast they will grow. By buying them secondhand, you won’t feel like you’re wasting a lot of money for something so temporary.

8. Gym gear and equipment

Buying used sports gear and equipment is great if you want to try a new sport and are not sure if you’ll enjoy it. The cheaper price of the items will make everything worth it, even if you end up not liking the sport at all.

9. Musical instruments

Used music gear still retains its value even though it is way more affordable than buying new equipment. By buying them from other musicians, you’re also helping them get a new and better one as they progress in their career.

10. Computers

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new computer, a used one is not an option you should ignore. If it’s restored well, you won’t even realize you’re using an old laptop.

11. Hand tools

Hand tools are pieces to keep forever, as you may find yourself needing one all of a sudden. They are often made with good and age-resistant materials which keep them in great condition for a long time. By buying them used, you’ll pay the same for a super-resistant one, as you’d pay for a new not-so-great one.

12. Tech gadgets

Although they are improving, tech gadgets can still be very easy to break if you’re not careful. Dropping them on floor might be the last time you use them. Because they are so fragile, buying a used one is a great option. If the secondhand one breaks, you paid far less money for it and still save money if you need to fix any problems.

Which items do you always buy secondhand? What is the reason behind this?

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I don't agree with this. I mean, why would you buy computers that are slow and always turns of? it's very rare to find gadgets that are in very good shape.


I believe such cool deals are just lucky. I often go through various websites and marketplaces but so far I haven't found anything cool and cheap like this


No matter how much I look for a second hand bike, the prices don't vary that much from the new ones.

The only super cheap versions are just aren't good for riding anymore. I hope one day I will come across something of a good quality and nice price!


house appliances evolve and the new ones use less energy than the older..vintage stuff....plus..they are difficult to repair when they crash...


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