12 Trends From the 2000s We’d Like to Forget, but They’re Back in Style

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3 years ago

When we look back at some fashion trends, it may be difficult to believe that the whole world used to admire them. But fashion often pulls a rabbit out of a hat and brings back those styles that no one expected would ever return. And people start to dye their hair crazy colors again or buy clothes that the whole internet considered hilarious just a couple of years ago.

We at Bright Side still can’t believe that all these things are back in style, but we are ready to show you 12 trends that have regained their former glory and successfully stormed into the 2020s. And a bonus at the end of the article will help every woman indulge in nostalgia about the late ’90s.

1. 2-tone hair coloring, light on top and dark underneath

The 2-tone hair coloring that Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and ordinary fashionistas loved so much in the 2000s is back in style. Singers like Dua Lipa and Billy Eilish have already tried this forgotten technique.

2. Thar orange tan

That intense tan that women used to get with the help of tanning salons is trending again. Now, opting for a fake orange tan for your face ceases to be a sign of a bad taste and is coveted by many celebrities. Just look at how this shade suits Kendall Jenner.

3. Extremely short shorts

Another notable comeback of 2020 is extremely short shorts. Very few people are likely to decide to wear them. But designers and stylists will probably applaud the bravery of people who won’t be afraid to walk down the street in these outfits.

4. Velcro sandals

Trendsetters advise the fans of sporty shoes to put aside their sneakers and replace them with Velcro sandals. This is a time to remember that shoes that remind us of summer camp are not only comfortable, but multi-functional as well. Now, we can wear these shoes almost everywhere, from our everyday life to evening events.

5. Headbands

In spring-summer 2020, accessories have become the main accent in a look. In particular, thin headbands are conquering the fashion arena again.

6. Vintage prints

Deliberately picked old-fashioned prints are among the hot fashion trends now. If you are tired of patternless clothing and want to add variety to your wardrobe, going for a dress with a print may be a good option.

7. Slouchy jeans

Very wide jeans, that rappers in the 2000s used to wear, are in style now. This silhouette may not look feminine at all at first glance, but this style is actually able to accentuate curves, making the waist narrower thanks to the belt and the wider legs.

8. French manicure

A couple of years ago, French manicures were on the never-wear list for many fashionistas. It seemed like it might stay that way forever in the 2000s, and it was replaced with fatal red and restrained translucent nails colors. But now, the classic French manicure (yes, the one with white stripes) is back on the list of fashion trends.

9. Long side-swept bangs

We still remember long side-swept bangs, and stylists suggest trying this way to style your hair again. Its main advantage is that it makes hair of any length look elegant and suits different face shapes.

10. Rectangular sunglasses

You probably can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses, because adding them to your look is the perfect way to freshen up any outfit or hide your face from strangers. This year, rectangular sunglasses with bright lenses are again one of the hottest styles.

11. Cargo pants with patch pockets

Cargo pants are a hybrid of the uniforms of military men and workers. This style is distinguished by a wide leg shape and a lot of patch pockets. And yes, these pants are also in style again.

12. Highlights

Chunky highlights are back in fashion. Jennifer Lopez has tried this forgotten technique and was right about this decision.

Bonus: Short strands that frame the face

Next on our list are thin strands that are gently released from a hairstyle to frame the face. In the 1990s, every actress and model wore this hairstyle. By the way, this technique distracts attention from round face shapes and makes the face visually longer and less wide.

Which trendy things from the past do you wish were back?

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Interesting! Never thought these trends were from back then
I've never been a fan of getting my skin tan so...
No more highlights, please. I remember how when I went to school many years ago my mom was encouraging me to get such a hairstyle ?

I loved it back then but looking at it now..
I really like slouchy jeans and cargo pants. I own both of these models too! :)

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