12 Trends That Prove Fashion From the 2000s is Making an Inevitable Comeback

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2 years ago

Time machines don’t exist — everyone knows that. But if you look at how certain hairstyles, colors, fabrics, and even accessories like hairpins, crochet tops, and headscarves are coming back into fashion, you get the feeling that the 2000s are actually back on track.

Here at Bright Side, we love seeing how trends fade and come back again. If you do too, scroll down to see which ones came back to life like a Phoenix.

1. Bucket hats (2021 vs 2005)

2021 trends look eerily familiar — those who were ordering clothing items from the Delia’s catalog in the early 2000s must remember bucket hats.

2. A head scarf as a top (2020 vs 2000)

The bandanas-as-shirts trend took off 20 years ago, and many stars are wearing it again this year — except now it’s not just bandanas but also silk scarves.

3. Blonde highlights (2020 vs 2001)

4. Crochet (2020 vs 2005)

From bikinis to pants and adorable handbags — crocheted pieces blend perfectly with sunny days this year, after years of staying on the sidelines. If you think that crochet is a trend for people who like experimenting, you are right. It’s not that easy to blend knitted items into your everyday life, but that’s what can define true fashionistas.

5. Velour tracksuits (2020 vs 2006)

If you’re older than 20, you remember how popular velour tracksuits were in the ’00s and how girls dreamed of looking like Paris Hilton. 25 years later, Juicy Couture decided to do a reboot, giving the famous silhouettes a slight upgrade.

6. Floral patterns (2020 vs 2001)

Floral dresses, sweaters, and skirts are now not only associated with country holidays, but in 2021 they also appeared in the collections of large fashion houses like the Saint Laurent Resort ’21 collection.

7. Glitter dresses (2020 vs 2002)

They say there can never be too much glitter, but shiny wardrobe details disappeared for a while from the catwalks. 20 years later, sparkles and glitter made it back to 2021 summer fashion, with designers like Paco Rabanne taking the lead on the runway.

8. Beaded chokers (2021 vs 2001)

In movies and fashion magazines of the 00s, beaded necklaces were extremely trendy, and today they’re fashionable again — the above example from the famous Swedish model Elsa Hosk. Add an equally colorful dress to really embrace these summery vibes.

9. Accent glasses (2021 vs 2008)

Unusually shaped glasses are all over Instagram now. If you still have sunglasses, for example, with colored frames from the ’00s, it’s time to take them out of the closet.

10. Crop tops (2021 vs 2000)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer clothes are crop tops — for summer 2021 they’re a perfect option. Styling them with a blazer is a great option for a day look, and for evening vibes — with a high-waisted skirt. The thing we like about this type of item is that you can style it in different ways.

11. Headscarves (2020 vs 2002)

A headscarf seems like a timeless accessory, but it has come and gone from the world’s fashion trends. Now it’s back on track, and it looks perfect with bangs.

12. Leather jackets (2021 vs 2001)

Ever since the white t-shirt with leather jacket gained popularity in the 20th century, it has been an easy and classy option for off-season outerwear. A black leather jacket is a timeless classic, but colored ones are now back in fashion again.

Which trends from the 2000s do you personally follow? We’d be happy to see your comments and pics in the section below.

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