12 Useful Items That Can Make Your Everyday Life So Much Easier

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Many things we have to do every day can be quite annoying. For example, we have to spend a lot of time hunting down pairs of socks in the laundry pile, or turning and twisting to zip up the back of our dress. But you can make these things so much easier for yourself.

At Bright Side, we would like to tell you about some cool things that will make your everyday life a bit easier and more comfortable.

Hair removal sponge

You can remove your body hair not only by using a razor but also a special sponge. You just need to wet your skin with a bit of water and rub it with a sponge in a circular motion. People who tried this sponge say that this method of hair removal doesn’t require the need for shaving gel or leave any cuts.

Bra strap holder

Women who are tired of constantly adjusting falling bra straps will find this holder very useful. You should attach the holder to one strap, put on the bra, then attach the holder to the other strap.

Drain strips

There are several ways to clear blockages in pipes: by using a plunger, homemade mixtures, or commercial cleaners. The latter are now sold not only in the form of powders and liquids, but also in the form of strips. Just drop one strip into the drain, and it will dissolve the grease and dirt accumulated there.

A magnetic lock for shoelaces

You can avoid the hassle of tying your shoelaces by using magnetic locks. You can put one on each end of your shoelaces and buckle them up. These locks are suitable for both adults and children.

Zipper pull

Some pieces of clothing have a zipper that’s hard to reach, like if it’s located on the back of a dress. To fasten it, you either have to twist your arms like a yogi or ask someone for help.

There is another option — use a special zipper pull. You can attach it to the pull tab of the zipper, and pull.

Sock dock

After doing laundry, we tend to spend a lot of time trying to find matching socks. But some of them still manage to get lost for good. So it’s a good idea to fasten the socks together. This can be done using a sock dock that fits several pairs at once.

A cleaning ball for bags

To clean the inside of your bag or backpack from dust and crumbs, you don’t have to wash or clean it by hand every time. A cleaning ball will cope with this task. You just need to put this ball inside your bag and let it roll there. It will collect dirt, and you’ll just have to wash it afterward.

A sponge cleaner for makeup brushes

You’ll find a sponge cleaner very useful if you need to apply different makeup products one after another, like your blush first and then bronzer. This way, you won’t have to use so many makeup brushes or wash one after use and wait until it dries. With a sponge cleaner, you won’t have to worry that your makeup products will get mixed.

Mug organizer

Sometimes a kitchen cabinet doesn’t have enough room to fit all our mugs. With this mug organizer, you can stack your mugs and be sure that they won’t chip or break. By the way, this organizer is adjustable, so you can use it with mugs of different sizes.


After cooking food in a pan, usually, the hob is covered with oil droplets, and it’s not easy to remove them. To protect your kitchen from splatter marks, it’s a good idea to cover your pan with a lid or metal screen.

A frywall, which you can attach to the pan, makes its sides taller and prevents spatter from getting on your hob and walls. It also doesn’t block access to the food that you might want to stir during cooking.

A hanging waste bin

After peeling and cutting foods, we usually end up with a lot of waste. Just hook a hanging waste bin over your kitchen cabinet doors under your countertop, and you won’t have to get distracted from your cooking process.

Foldable cutting board

It’s not that easy to transfer prepped items from the cutting board to the pot without losing something. A foldable cutting board can solve this problem. Its sides can be folded, which prevents food from falling anywhere else than the pot.

Do you know any other everyday items that make your life easier? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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