12 wonderfully unusual jewellery designs for those looking for something different

2 years ago

It’s very difficult nowadays to surprise or delight the modern shopper with a new product. They think they’ve seen everything there is to buy. Luckily, there are thousands of highly creative and passionate designers out there working on all kinds of things — some useful, some frivolous, others simply beautiful — to make us happy. Sometimes, the results of their hard work simply delight us.

Here are 12 new designs for jewellery which you simply can’t look at with indifference.

Pencil-pattern accessories

The work of Czech designer Anna Kurelzheva.

Wood and resin accessories

From designer Britta Beckmann.

Elegant rings

Designer Selda Okutan is inspired by the elegance of the human form.

Mechanical hearts

These incredible designs are from Dutch designers Тjep.

Jewellery made from forks

These highly unusual designs come from a designer who uses the pseudonym DoctorGus.

’Tasty’ pendants

The designers from TADAM! were inspired by what they found in the kitchen.

A new life for old records

Designer Svetlana Barsukova turns old vinyl records into unusual accessories.

For those who love Lego

Designer Emiko Oye believes you can do much more with Lego than just play with it.

Cute little elephants

Simple, but beautiful.

Beauty preserved forever

Sarah Smith makes accessories which have real flowers inside them.

For book-lovers

Jeremy May came up with the highly intriguing idea of trying to capture the beauty of paper books in jewellery.

Little creatures on your fingers

The talented Mary Lou has something for all those who love animals so much they want to be with them all the time.

Preview photo credit etsy, tadamdesign


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