13 Actors That Haven’t Had Any Truly Great Roles Despite Their Talent

3 years ago

Even the actors with nearly perfect filmographies have 2-3 movies they’re not proud of. In an attempt to gain the necessary experience, future movie stars have to appear in low-budget films led by young directors. But some actors seem to never land big, successful roles at all. In bad movies, their characters are mediocre and not as interesting, and in the better films, they’re overshadowed by other more dynamic characters.

We at Bright Side decided to remember those Hollywood stars that haven’t had any memorable roles or gotten an Oscar, but maybe they will in the future. And a lot of them are very relatable fan-favorites.

Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez first appeared on film in Selena, people were sure she’d have a great career because she was so talented. But there aren’t a lot of roles in her filmography that required all that much talent. And then there are some infamous films on her record, like Gigli. Of course, she does have a singing career to fall back on.

Rob Schneider

Viewers probably remember Rob Schneider from comedy films like The Hot Chick and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, both of which are iconic movies for younger audiences. But not a single film with Schneider got more than 54% on Metacritic, which is not too impressive for a world-famous star.

Cara Delevingne

Even though Cara Delevingne is really attractive and her acting skills are good enough to be popular in Hollywood, she’s never had any big roles. One of her most famous roles was in the Suicide Squad that received negative reviews both from critics and viewers. The same was true for the fantasy film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, where she played the leading role.

Christian Slater

When it comes to Christian Slater, a lot of us probably realize that we’ve seen him in many movies and TV shows but can’t recall any of his outstanding roles. Slater’s characters are either supporting or without any memorable features. And many of the actor’s films haven’t received high ratings.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Aside from romantic comedies, this actress doesn’t have any serious roles under her belt that have impressed ordinary viewers or critics. In the Hollywood rating of actors that often appear in bad movies, Hewitt is in first place among women — not a single film she was in got a positive review.

Charlie Day

This actor is famous and loved for his role in the series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but Day is not very successful when it comes to movies. Day’s characters in Horrible Bosses, Fist Fight, and Going the Distance were all cliché and not memorable at all.

Amber Heard

Unfortunately, the actress doesn’t have any bright roles in movies that would win her awards. Even though she’s attractive and talented, none of her roles are memorable. But she is only 34, so maybe her role of a lifetime is still in her future.

Scott Eastwood

Even though the actor inherited his looks and his chin from his famous father, he lacks the same great roles. He has starred in some big projects, including Suicide Squad, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and The Fate of the Furious, but he always gets supporting roles that viewers can’t even recall.

Kevin James

Most people remember this actor thanks to the hit comedy, Hitch, where he portrayed a charming guy that needed Will Smith’s help to win a girl. But even this role was far from outstanding. He always plays the same kinds of characters (like in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper, and Grown Ups). And when he tried to change his image by making a thriller, viewers didn’t really like it.

January Jones

Even though the actress was great as a wife in Mad Men, most of her roles, especially in movies, don’t make viewers feel any emotion at all. In fact, at times, they even were considered controversial, like her role in X-Men: First Class, for instance.

Taylor Lautner

Taking part in the vampire saga was a life-turning point for all the actors in the main roles. Even though many people think Taylor Lautner was great in the film, most people remember him for his body and taking off his shirt in a lot of scenes. But this franchise is probably still the biggest role of his career.

Amanda Bynes

The actress had an ambitious and promising start to a career: after she appeared on Nickelodeon at a very young age, she started doing teenage comedies and dramas that were quite popular. But because of health problems, she left the industry and never landed a truly big role.

David Arquette

The most successful project of this actor’s career was being part of the Scream franchise. Unfortunately, this role was the only memorable one he had — all the others were less interesting.

In your opinion, what other Hollywood stars still don’t have any good roles in cinema? Do you think some of the people on this list don’t deserve to be here?


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Talent? Those are probably the weakest if not completely atrocious actors. No wonder they weren't offered any good roles.


I think for Cara and Lopez is better to stay at their current professions and not to become film stars


For me, Taylor Lautner will always remain that one guy from Twilight


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