13 Fashion Trends Jennifer Aniston Started on “Friends” That Are Still Popular

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3 years ago

For many, Rachel Green is their favorite Friends character. And it’s no wonder why. Although choosing your favorite Friends’ character is a never-ending debate, you can’t deny that Rachel is the fashionista of the group. Coming from a wealthy family, she’s elegant and stylish and has dreamed of becoming a fashion consultant since the beginning of the series. She clearly loves shopping and not just for anything: she’s into prestigious brands. Her style is a great example to get inspired by and shows that there are clothes that never go out of style!

To honor Rachel Green, Bright Side made a compilation of her best looks throughout the series. We also found out some other interesting facts about her clothing on Friends. Be sure to check out our bonus at the end of the article to find out which celebrities are pulling off Green’s style today.

1. Short black top with a black skirt

Rachel adopted this look in episode 4 of the first season of Friends. She liked it so much and felt so comfortable wearing it that she used the same outfit in episode 19 of the same season. The short black top and a high-waisted skirt are a combination that has come back in style in recent years.

2. Same style, same episode

A classic: the overlay dress. This look is useful for giving new life to a basic black dress or for being able to wear a spring dress during the winter. It never fails! So much so, that in the same episode (season 1, episode 15) you can see her wearing the same overlay dress style, but with different clothes.

3. Kilt-like mini-skirt

A stunning fine-checked skirt, with a matching but not overpowering top are the heart and soul of this gorgeous look. The skirt, inspired by traditional Scottish kilts, immediately draws your attention without being flashy. Rachel certainly knows how to pull it off.

4. Pantyhose provide an elegant touch.

The character played by Jennifer Aniston is very much a dark pantyhose person, especially in the first seasons of the series. The look is simple but charming, and sort of punk-rockish, but cute. A simple, casual white top with USA embroidered across the chest and black miniskirt do the trick. It looks like it’s a good combination to try and catch a pigeon that flew into the apartment through an open window!

5. See-through shiny top

OMG, who doesn’t love that shirt!? That beautiful shiny see-through top that takes us back to the ’80s punk style from London has an undeniable glamorous touch. Since it’s so eye-catching, black is once again the right choice to match it with. On top of that, this beloved garment symbolizes the moment when Ross and Rachel reconcile (the first of many) in the second season.

6. Accessories are the key to pulling off any look.

When she started working in the fashion industry, Rachel’s look became even more chic and sophisticated. If we disregard the big hate-face, from the left picture, that she has when Ross brings up the Mark issue over and over again, we can really see just how gorgeous Rach looks. Pay close attention to the accessories she’s wearing: the necklace gives her a very distinctive touch. In the right picture, she even went for a tie! Super original!

7. Layered coats

Dressing in layers and wearing 2 coats is one of the best tips when winter comes and temperatures drop, but you still want to look good. As usual, dark colors prevail in Rachel’s winter outfits, and in this case, the military green coat helps her create a nice contrast.

8. Combine and conquer

It’s all in the details! In the first picture, you can see how the color of Rachel’s shirt matches perfectly with the beige embroidery of her skirt. In the second picture, the blue dress has pink flowers, which match her jacket. Those details are exactly what turns a normal outfit into a stylish, sophisticated one.

9. Lace never goes out of style.

See-through garments (especially those made with lace-like materials) never go out of style. It gives a sexy, perky touch to the whole look, while at the same time remaining elegant. Whether it’s a dress, a shirt, or a blouse, Rachel proves that she’s always a trendsetter.

10. Monochromatic looks

In a monochromatic look, your whole attire is the same color. Even the scarf! You can try imitating this look with any color, they all work. The important thing is that everything is the same shade of color and that it goes with your skin, hair, and eye color!

11. Animal print

Animal prints are a classic that linger on through time. This print can be used to take any garment to the next level, and in combination with Rachel’s long, elegant coat, we just love it — it’s amazing! It’s also nice in blouses or dresses (see the picture from season 6, on the right). Animal prints are so versatile, you can totally choose how to wear them!

12. A good pair of jeans lasts forever.

Most trends come and go, but the best ones manage to come back again, sometimes revamped. Clearly that’s not the case with jeans. Jeans are so versatile, comfortable, and practical that they match with almost everything.

13. The final look

We all remember the look Rachel chose to wear in the last episode of Friends, when she was about to leave for Paris and —spoiler alert— in the end she doesn’t. We love the black and white combination with her T-shirt (you can get the same result by wearing a white T-shirt with a black sleeveless T-shirt on top), a black miniskirt, and those sexy, elegant boots. Hats off!


1. Top + black skirt, Demi Lovato

This outfit came back in style over the last few years. Lovato combines it with a yellow blazer to create a nice, bright contrast with the black garments, but the idea behind her outfit is the same as Rachel’s. Also, the top can be a knotted shirt or a top, whatever you like, either way, the outfit works.

2. Lace, Kylie Jenner

In this case, Kylie Jenner chose a beautiful dress with lace on the sides to draw attention to her hips. It’s super sexy, but at the same time it’s elegant. We love it!

3. Animal print, Vanessa Hudgens

We love Vanessa’s style, that dress with the matching shoes, everything in animal print is fabulous. It also shows that she is elegant because she pays close attention to detail (in this case the satin fabric and the heels give her that extra oomph).

Do you think that the character played by Jennifer Aniston was a trendsetter all these years? What other characters from the series do you think are stylish?


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Well, I wouldn't say she is the one who started it, but the costume designers. Thanks to the popularity of the show these costumes became loved my many people


I love how lace looks on her or on anyone else, but sadly it doesn't look good on me :(


I have a feeling that fashion repeats itself. What was cool many years ago was eventually forgotten but now it returns back and becomes even more popular than before


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