13 Models Whose Non-Standard Beauty Inspires Millions of People That Are Afraid to Be Themselves

4 years ago

A big nose, a gap between teeth, extra weight, freckles, and other features of the skin and body don't even begin to complete the list of things that many people feel shy about. The models that we're going to speak about in this article think differently. They think that being perfect is pretty boring and that being yourself is much cooler.

Bright Side thinks that meeting bright people whose atypical appearance inspires confidence in their own attractiveness is a breath of fresh air.

13. Jeana Turner

Jeana suffers from alopecia. Earlier in her life this model used to wear a wig and was afraid for someone to see her bald head. Her participation in the famous show 'America's Next Top Model' built up her courage and she decided to show her true self. Now she confesses that she finally feels free.

12. Lauren Elyse

This makeup artist and model from Chicago doesn't feel self-conscious about the pigmentation on her face. She only enhances this feature of her skin with the help of makeup. She is sure that the spots on her face make her appearance brighter and more memorable.

11. Somalia Knight

Somalia was bullied in school. As she got older, she realized that her big ears are not something to be embarrassed about but an advantage that's helping her build a successful career in the modeling industry. Today Somalia often speaks in front of teenagers explaining to them why beauty can and should be different.

10. Julia Nobis

Many people feel ashamed of having a big nose. But the Australian model Julia Nobis does not fall into that category. She didn't even try to correct the crook in her nose. Her expressive facial features actually became an advantage for her over the other girls on the runway.

9. Carissa Pinkston

Carissa's face is covered with freckles and that's exactly what makes her so noticeable. She prefers bright images that enhance and draw attention to her unusual appearance.

8. Iman Mariah

Not long ago Iman was a shy school teacher. But having gained enough courage, she decided to make her dream of becoming a model come true. Fair brows and expressive face lines became her outstanding traits.

7. Tia Jonsson

"I'm lucky that the fashion industry appreciates uniqueness nowadays," says Tia Jonsson, one of the celebrities from the Anti-Agency. Anti-Agency is a modeling agency that specializes in searching for girls with a unique, non-standard appearance. Tia has a skin pigmentation disorder and she has never felt that it was necessary to pretend to be perfect.

6. Khrystyana Kazakova

Full-figured girls still need to prove that they also deserve to be a part of the fashion world. Khrystyana, one of the new starlets and activists of the Body Positive movement, is doing a great job at this. The audience liked her, as a participant of the new 'America's Next Top Model' show, for her sincerity and natural look. She's not going to conform to the standards of the fashion industry and is proud of her body.

5. Kyla Coleman

A rounded nose tip, big lips, and small eyes don't sound like the perfect facial equation for being a model. Kyla Coleman is ready to break her stereotype. Many people that are following her Instagram profile have already fallen in love with the face of this girl.

4. Ikram Abdi Omar

Ikram Abdi Omar is sure that Muslim girls also have the right to be a part of the high fashion world. Ikram wears hijab and famous designers respect her religious beliefs.

3.Sarah McDaniel

Sarah has an anomalous pigmentation of the iris that is called heterochromia. And this actually helped her to become the cover-girl of Playboy magazine in March 2016. Additionally, she was invited to take part in several music videos like "Summer Breaking" and "Daffodils" performed by Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker.

2. Connie Chiu

Connie is the first model in the world fashion industry with albinism. Having been born in Hong Kong she had to protect her skin from the sunlight like other people suffering from albinism. That's the reason that her family chose to move to Sweden. But Connie managed to find her luck there - she has worked with many outstanding photographers and has been filmed in several music videos.

1. Jewell Jeffrey

Jewell also suffers from albinism which doesn't prevent him from having a successful life. Not only is he a model but he's also a quite a famous DJ and an actor. He's another example of a person who managed to get the best out of his unique appearance.

Which of these models did you like the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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