15 Mood-Lifting Photos That Send Beams of Happiness Straight Through Our Hearts

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According to a study, sharing positive news can bring joy to you and the people around you. Luckily, the internet has made it extremely easy for everyone to spread happiness. Through Reddit or Imgur, folks worldwide post images of wholesome moments that brought color to their lives. We collected a few of them here to give you a nice mood boost, hopefully!

1. “Murphy has a self-portrait on his chest!”

2. “I pushed my dog out of the seat so I could sleep during a road trip. My wife took this picture while I slept.”

3. “My son was born 12 weeks early and spent 81 days in the NICU. Today he turned 1!”

4. “I did it, I graduated!”

5. “I think my wife forgot she was 7 and a half months pregnant when she tried to hide so she could jump out and scare me.”

6. “Dad felt bad because it was forecasted to storm. Guess we will all be having lunch together then.”

7. “My dog, when I finally get home from work”

8. “The pride on my daughter’s face when I finally said yes to letting her feed her little brother.”

9. “The way my kid looks at his best puppy friend.”

10. “Meet Jon Snow, he can only fall asleep on my face.”

11. “My grandma is meeting her great-granddaughter for the first time in a surprise visit.”

12. “Our old girl was very excited about the new window film.”

13. “I recreated a photo of me from when I was 1 and I went into the bathtub as it was draining after my mom got me ready for bed.”

14. “Forgot my scarf at a park, went back and found this little fella.”

15. “My daughter has been entirely blind since late 2017. This photo looks like she’s looking over at her brother smiling.”

Have you recently received any good news? What was it?

Preview photo credit shuaybaby / Imgur


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Hurts my heart to hear of little kiddies blind. May your future be bright as you girlie.


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