7 Natural Ways to Straighten Your Hair

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10 months ago

While women with straight hair think about how to make it wavier, women with curly hair are dreaming about making it silky straight. Many styling devices can harm the hair structure, and you can’t always be sure about the effect of chemical hair straightening procedures.

Bright Side gathered several natural ways to make hair straight, and we want to share them with all the women who have curly hair.

Proper styling begins in the shower.

  • It’s not a joke. You won’t create a good hairdo without a good shampoo and conditioner. In this case, make sure you choose care products that contain keratin, a chemical compound known for its straightening properties. Please avoid keratin treatments offered in hair salons since these treatments usually include formaldehyde in their formulas, a very aggressive chemical that is dangerously toxic if inhaled.

Choose the right type of comb.

  • Don’t use round brushes because they’re made to curl the hair, especially at the ends.
  • To brush your hair properly, use a wide-tooth comb — it’s great for untangling your hair. You can even use it in the shower to apply conditioner to every inch of your locks. You can also use a medium or fine-toothed comb to straighten your hair naturally. This will only work for wavy or straight hair, so if you have very curly hair then it might not be the best solution.
    Try to have your hair dry naturally (without a blow-dryer) and comb it repeatedly every few minutes. In order to avoid breakage, a comb can help untangle your hair after washing it by brushing from bottom to top. If you want to use a fan to get faster results, then you might want to comb it more often.

A ponytail can help you conquer stubborn curly hair.

  • After properly washing it, wait until your hair is at least 70% dry and put it into a low tight ponytail. If you have bangs or hair that falls out of a ponytail, fix it with hairpins. Comb the ponytail to make sure there are no tangles.
  • Use several hair ties to tie your hair every 5-7 cm (the number of hair ties depends on the length of your hair). Cover your head with a silk scarf, and wait until your hair is dry. Pull off the scarf, and remove all the hair ties. Comb your hair. There you go!
  • A ponytail won’t magically straighten your hair in an instant, but it may weaken the curl in your hair at the placement of your bun, since it stays positioned there for a while. It might work perfectly under some conditions, however.
  • If you have wavy hair, put it in a tight bun before trying a straight blow-out.
  • If you have naturally curly hair, and you straightened it the night before, put it into a tight and dry bun overnight, to get that silky straight hair the next day.
  • Try to sleep on a satin/silk pillow so that your bun can get used to it.
  • If you have very textured hair, wrap it around your head while it’s somewhat wet (or damp).
  • If your hair is somewhat curly, tie it into a wet bun while it’s damp.

Try a hair wrap before going to bed.

  • A good technique to style curly hair is a hair wrap before going to bed at night: wash your hair, blow it dry on a cool setting, and then wrap the mostly dry hair around your head, fixing it with hairpins. The next morning, your hair probably will look shiny and straight.

Learn more about cosmetic straightening.

  • Straightening creams and serums

They should be applied along the length of the hair and left to dry. These products protect from UV rays and damaging and overheating of the hair structure. The only drawback is they can’t be used with a hair dye because it blocks the cream from getting into the hair’s core. Thus, the effect of use won’t be noticeable.

  • Straightening sprays and smoothing oils

They can be applied to both wet and dry hair. Despite the convenience of using sprays, they have an unpleasant disadvantage: most of them contain silicone and other harmful ingredients that pile up in the hair and damage it from the inside. On the other hand, oils work well for both hair straightening and heat protection.

Using hair masks on a regular basis will make your hair look silky and smooth. Hair masks are made to nourish and moisturize your hair, as well as work on its internal structure. When hair is healthy from the inside, it looks gorgeous in any style.

  • 3-oils mask

Mix olive oil, castor oil, and burdock oil in equal proportions. The amount of the oils depends on the length of your hair and its thickness. The mix should be heated up in a water bath and applied to the full length of your hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel, and keep the mask on for 40 minutes.

  • Olive oil mask

If you don’t have the types of oils mentioned above, you can use just one. Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and apply it to your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap to create a mini “greenhouse effect.” For a better effect, leave the mask on overnight and wash your hair in the morning (though it might be a bit difficult to wash the mask off). You might need to apply your shampoo several times to wash off the oils properly. You can also rinse your hair with 1 liter of warm water with lemon juice.

One more little helper: a colorless henna

  • Henna is a plant-based dye. It is very popular and has been used for many centuries in different cultures and countries, like Egypt and India. Although its well-known version is a natural red hair dye, there’s also another type of Henna (colorless or neutral Henna, extracted from a plant known as Cassia Obovata) that can be used to gently nourish your hair — and to help with its straightening properties.
    Using this product twice a month could potentially have a great straightening effect on your hair. Please keep in mind that Cassia Obovata’s effects are not permanent — it will only last for approximately 2-3 weeks. Also, you will have to apply this product regularly to enjoy its benefits long term. Please note that it will deposit a yellowish tint on the hair if your strands are gray.

Apple cider vinegar as a natural hair straightener

  • Hair can also be straightened at home with apple cider vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water, and put it in a spray bottle. Spray your washed hair over the whole length. Leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.
    You can make the spray for future use by mixing half a glass of apple cider vinegar and 1.5 liters of warm water. Then just pour the mix into a spray bottle, and use it whenever you want your hair straight.

Did you use any of the tricks mentioned above? Maybe you have your own natural secrets to make your hair silky straight and smooth. Share your secrets in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Illustrator Alena Sofronova for Bright Side


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I have been using apple cider vinegar and water for more than a year and my hair has gotten more curly, not straighter!!!! Other than that - I highly recomend acv and water : My hair feels "lighter" and healthier!


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