13 Outdated Pieces of Clothes That Can Ruin Even the Best Look

2 years ago

Fashion changes extremely fast and keeping up to date is a challenge. We get used to some of the trends and we don’t want to let them go even if some of the things we wear make our entire look seem cheap. The fashion of yesterday can make us look like retro fans whether we mean to or not.

Bright Side is keeping track of the fashion trends, so we’ve made a list of things that are no longer fashionable. And we’ve found out what to replace them with.

1. Narrow glasses

Very narrow sunglasses quickly became a trend — designers and influencers really liked them, but they weren’t good protection from the sun. Today, they are a thing of the past, and big glasses are taking their place. Also, clear geometric lines and classic aviator glasses are very popular today.

2. Bomber jackets

Over the past few years, bomber jackets of different shapes and sizes were really popular. They looked great with sneakers and heels. But in 2020/2021, they are being replaced with more elegant jackets and coats with belts which can also be combined with different shoes.

3. Cropped flared jeans

Cropped flared jeans have been on fashion runways many times, but they are hard to combine with something: they look good with heels or on very tall girls. As an alternative, designers recommend wearing straight jeans in a standard length. Another kind of jeans to wear now are banana-like jeans.

4. Waist bags

When waist bags first appeared in the collections of top designers, people had very mixed feelings about them. Some disliked them, and others were actively implementing them into their look. These bags became very popular because you could put everything you needed in there and free up your hands. This is why backpacks were also extremely popular. But today, waist bags are being replaced by more classic handbags with massive textures and elements, like chains.

5. Neon

Neon colors weren’t popular for a very long time — they only look good in nightclubs. It’s very hard to combine these clothes with something in real life. In the upcoming season, designers prefer calmer colors. For example, Pantone named the colors of the year: olive, cream, and mustard.

6. Plastic shoes and accessories

Plastic sandals, bags, umbrellas, and other accessories should stay in your closet for now. Shoes and bags made of plastic are not only impractical, but also don’t warm you up on a chilly day. Instead, wear massive boots with laces or decorative chains.

7. Too many logos

Famous brands used to put their logos on clothes and accessories. But in 2020, it became an anti-trend to show what company made something. Also, calmer colors, like white and beige are becoming popular.

8. Sea-style accessories

In 2019, accessories made of seashells were really popular. But today, they will look odd on you because the trends have changed. More neutral and calmer colors are popular and can be accentuated by pearl accessories.

9. Leopard print

Leopard print may have become classic, but skirts with this print are getting less and less popular. Trendy women prefer big, voluminous skirts and dresses today.

10. Different earrings

Different earrings seemed like something new very long ago, in 2018. But people got tired of this trend pretty fast, so now more and more fashionistas are wearing classic sets of earrings. They can be big, but should be identical.

11. Hoodie dresses

Hoodie dresses are great to wear the entire day because they are soft and comfortable. But people have gotten tired of them. Wear knitwear dresses that are just as comfortable. In 2020, designers started using rebellious checkered patterns again. You can wear more neutral colors if the red-black mix seems a bit too much for you.

12. Strange-looking hats

In the cold time of year, a hat is one of the main accessories that can both add something to the look or ruin it. Today, it’s a bad idea to buy hats with big rhinestones, funny decorations, and stuff like that. It’s better to replace these hats with simple solid ones. The simpler, the better.

13. Bandage dresses

Very tight dresses used to be in the wardrobe of almost all trendy women. But today, these clothes look cheap and they are getting replaced by looser, more comfortable models.

What piece of clothing is in first place on the list of anti-trends for you?


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I'm so glad plastic shoes aren't even a thing anymore.
who thought it's a good idea to wear something like this?


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