12 People Who Found Unexpected and Weird Things in Random Places

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A famous saying states that sometimes what you are looking for shows up only when you stop looking. We have reason to believe that the statement also relates to the times when you don’t even think to look for something but stumble upon a very unexpected item hidden in the labyrinth of the universe... or in your remote control.

12. Kids hiding their veggies

11. The tip of the iceberg?!

Somebody found this little sprout growing in the car. Cute! Wait, if it grows, then it has roots....so what is underneath the car seats? And how did it get there? When was the last time you cleaned your car?

10. Where do they sell these?!

Somebody found her husband’s wedding ring in the bottom of the Special K box. Either he lost a lot of weight and the ring just slipped or....? No, it’s the weight, for sure!

9. Brilliant! Buy a banana cake and a spoon comes free!

Let’s admit: cooking and baking is not for everyone!

8. He has nerves of steel — trapped in a bag but looks totally chill and content!

I mean, at least you can be sure that this lettuce is 100% organic and collected from a farm!

7. When a grandma brags that her grandkid is the healthiest, the strongest, and the biggest in the world:

A grandmother found a size 20 shoe at GoodWill. Fighting so many questions right now!

6. Doppelgängers

“This girl found her doppelgänger at a Coldplay concert. Or did the doppelgänger find her? And does she look like that girl in the back, or does the girl in the back look like her? My brain is about to explode!”

5. “Found this lazy employee enjoying his Italian food in the office break room!”

What a great feeling to find something like this in the breakroom and realize you’re not the only weirdo at work. Hurray for all the weirdos out there — you make this world brighter and funnier!

4. “I have a feeling this bread is staring judgmentally at me!”

More proof that baking is dangerous! The evil dough almost swallowed my head! That’s why I never bake!

3. “I thought there was only one kind of soap that goes on your face, hands, body, and...”

A lucky woman found 20 dollars in facial soap! Money doesn’t grow on trees, but, apparently, it can sprout inside a bar of soap.

2. “I wish this was a metaphor for my life! Boring on the outside and Snickers on the inside!”

A wife finally found out where her husband was getting his frozen Snickers bars. A genius kid-proof hideout!

1. Time travel?!

Stumbling upon a Renaissance masterpiece that happened to be me!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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