13 Things I Should’ve Told My Child Before They Started School

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5 years ago

For a child, school is a cause of both pleasant times and sad worries. That’s why parents should help their kids get prepared for school by playing with them, sharing their own school stories, and explaining what’s waiting for their child in their school life. That’s because there are some things that only parents can explain.

My daughter is in 5th grade. I personally remember changing 2 schools which was really tough and painful, but I know people who have warm memories of this time. To help my daughter feel like she belonged to this group of people, I taught her several rules. I’m going to share with Bright Side some of these key principles that I came up with when my daughter was in kindergarten.

For first graders and their parents, everything looks so unusual, uncomfortable, and even scary. The school, other children, and teachers are so different. Kids experience new things like homework and grades for the first time in their lives.

Despite parents having already passed this “exam”, they still feel nervous. And for their children, it’s even more complicated, especially if they’ve never visited a kindergarten before.

It’s really important to explain the following:

  • Your physical and mental health are more important than lessons. If you feel bad, tell someone about it.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You go to school to gain knowledge, not to chase good grades.
  • You have to understand the topic; grades aren’t that important. If you get a bad grade, we won’t punish you but an “A” will please us.
  • If you find something to be difficult, ask your teacher or us for help.
  • It’s fine if you feel nervous before exams, but remember that school isn’t your whole life, it’s just a small part, so don’t let it upset you.
  • A teacher is also a human being who can get sick, tired, or make a mistake. Remember this and respect your teacher and what they do for you.
  • Don’t bully anyone. Bullying is when people hurt others who are weaker than they are. Tell me if someone bullies a child, I’ll see how I can help.
  • If you don’t break rules, no one should punish you. You can play a game on your phone during a break when it doesn’t distract you from studying. You may ask to go out if you want to go to the bathroom. You may also refuse to eat if you don’t want to. If you think your teacher is wrong or rude, tell me.
  • If you break rules, your teacher can punish you. But no one’s allowed to hurt or demean you and make fun of you. If it happens, let us know.
  • Learn to communicate with people. But if a classmate hurts you, try to solve this issue on your own. If it doesn’t work, ask your teacher or me for help.
  • Do your best. These subjects are really useful. Also, learn to think.
  • Be disciplined. Rules are created to make our lives easier. Do your homework, listen to your teacher, and get prepared for school in the evening before on your own.
  • You can gain knowledge in other places besides school. If you want to know more about something, let us know, we’ll help you find the answers.

What would you say to your child before they start school? Don’t be shy, tell us your advice!

Illustrated by Leonid Khan for Bright Side


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If you want to do your homework is great. If you dont want is also fine with me, but you will have to explain to the teacher...dont ask me how to do it. Try to find find a solution if you need help i will guide by hinting for you to figure it out by yourself...but i wont solve it though..you will...


Don't get sad if some subjects seem hard for you, but other kids find them easy, because we are all different, and we have different abilities. Just try to find something you like and pay your attention to it.


"A teacher is also a human being who can get sick, tired, or make a mistake" - this advice would be also good to keep in mind for parents! Many of them take teachers as a "service", who never makes mistakes and always has to give good marks to their kids..


I got bullied at school, and I don't even know why, I know how much it hurts and how unpleasant it is. One of the first things I will teach my child is to respect others and never bully other people. It's weak.


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