13 Things That’ll Take Your Comfort to a Whole New Level

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In the modern world, there are a large number of both useless and truly helpful products for solving everyday problems that many have come to accept. We have studied the latter category carefully and have found quite a few practical items. That is why we have decided to collect all sorts of useful things to make your everyday tasks easier.

Silicone holders for wireless earbuds

If you constantly use wireless earbuds, then you know that in certain situations, they can easily fall out of your ears. For example, during active sports activities or when taking a bath. Fortunately, there are special silicone accessories for these situations that hold the earbuds in your ears firmly under any conditions.

Shower head that increases the water pressure

You may be experiencing weak water pressure. It’s annoying enough when you need to wash your hands or do the dishes, let alone take a shower. There are probably more radical ways of solving the problem: like calling a plumber or doing a renovation.

But there’s also a simple way — use a different shower head. Thanks to its construction, it increases the water pressure and has a massaging effect.

Hanger and dryer

You might have found yourself in a situation where you need to dry something faster than usual. This is exactly what a digital dryer does. It’s like a hairdryer, but the airflow is directed along the fabric.

Silicone brush for dishes

Ordinary sponges wear out quickly and require frequent replacement if you do not want harmful bacteria to appear and transfer to your dishes. Silicone brush heads, due to their structure, do not absorb moisture and food particles, are much easier to clean, and dry faster, so they last longer.

2-in-1 tool for washing windows and mirrors

When washing mirrors and windows, it is often necessary to use a lot of cleaning tools. And we rarely think about the fact that there are now convenient devices that combine several functions. For example, with this miniature scraper with a sponge, you can wipe the mirror and remove water from it with just a single movement of your hand.

Telescopic shelf for drying dishes and vegetables

If you have a small sink without an additional tray, it’s hard to find space for freshly washed dishes or fruits and vegetables to let the water drain. This telescopic shelf is good for any sink and solves the problem.

Kitchen tap with an extendable faucet

Extendable faucets are convenient for a number of reasons. They can be used to wash vegetables, fill pots with water (when the sink if full of dishes), and to keep the sink clean. When you do the dishes and the soap remains on the walls of the sink, the faucet makes it easier to wash the sink.

Abrasive sponge for removing rust and residue

Aluminum and cast iron dishes are hard to wash, especially if there’s a layer of residue on the surface. In these cases, you can use chemicals, but not everyone likes this method. You can also use an abrasive sponge. The material is like sandpaper, but thanks to the shape and spongy layer, it’s easier to use.

Horizontal knife holder

Vertical knife holders have one significant downside: they are in plain sight, creating visual clutter, and take up valuable space, which especially annoys those with small kitchens. Horizontal holders solve this problem: they fit perfectly in drawers and can be placed next to the tray with other tableware.

Silicone brushes for cleaning the toilet

Standard brushes create a lot of problems. It’s hard to keep them clean, because they need to be washed mechanically. A silicone brushes can be washed under water, and thanks to their flexibility, they can reach the most remote parts of the toilet.

Portable sewing machine

Sewing things, especially big things manually, is hard and time-consuming. At the time same, sewing machines require too much space, and you need to know how to work them. So, a portable mini sewing machine kills 2 birds with one stone: it makes the process fast and easy, and you can almost fit it inside your pocket. So, it’s perfect for everyday use.

Silicone balls for removing hair and fur during washing

If you live with pets, you know how hard it is to keep your clothes clean. But it’s even more annoying when fur just sticks to other clothes during washing. These silicone balls solve the problem easily: put them into the washing machine, and they will collect all the hair, fur, and paper pieces.

Magnetic device for washing both sides of the window

When spring comes, we can’t wait to wash all the windows. However, the thought of washing windows from the outside often scares us. After all, you can’t reach all the corners with an ordinary cloth, special sponges are too heavy, and it’s really risky to lean too far out of the window. By using a magnetic device, you will solve this problem: you will reach the most remote corners of the glass, and the process will be accelerated by a landslide, as both the outside and inside are getting washed at the same time.


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