13 Things We Realized After We Rescued a Shelter Dog

5 years ago

Adopting an animal is a responsible decision that changes the dog’s, and even your own, life. Bird Born, an artist from Russia, tells a story of a dog that became a true member of his family. Together they managed to go through fire and water and Bird Born knows that each ripped pillow is worth that endless love that his dog gives him.

Bright Side says “thank you” to all the caring people who gave love and a second chance to those who had almost lost their hope for a happy life.














Do you have a pet? Did you adopt it from a shelter?

Preview photo credit Bird.Born / instagram


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I love rescue - its my fav breed. Currently, Poppy is 4 months from rescue day. Its taken her this long to become our cat. She was from a hoarding situ, so there was a lot of work to do. She has put on 2.5kg and is looking better. Starting to act like a cat, not so scared. Cannot be in a room with door closed. She is sweet and beautiful!

Comment with image on Bright Side

The two I’ve adopted were fostered first, but upon seeing them(a couple years apart at two different rescues) I new they were meant to be. They were not really skittish, although there is an adjustment period for every new pet in a different environment. Both girls are very grateful to have families and have trouble with giving less than 100 kisses when they see us. The first was a puppy of a breeder that cared more about money/designer breeds and thought the lake was a good “solution” to “ugly” puppies. 5 of 7 puppies survived because of a hero noticing the awful, awful woman. Our almost 5 year old dog is slightly wary of new people but is energetic (acrobatic! Fastest dog that can “parkour” on the furniture) The other girl, almost 3, all the rescue knew was she was 1.5, had had puppies, and heart worms. We adopted her before the end of the treatment. They got her out of the pound and weren’t given any information. She now lives happily with my husband’s parents nearby. She fell in love with my retired father-in-law and we all knew it was fate. She’s very,very, very scared of thunder and he is who she turns to. She is spoiled, stubborn, and sweet. Like her sister that lives with us, although we spoil slightly less than grandpa. Please, please, please give rescued animals a chance. All pets are lovely but sometimes it’s wonderful to give a pet another chance at a happy life!


idk where my parents got our dog but with this artical it pretty much sums up how our puppy was when we had first got her bach in september


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