13 Tricky Photography Hacks That Will Save You Tons of Money

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The secret behind a good photo is not the camera it’s taken with, but the eye. Playing with different perspectives, angles, compositions, and styles can take your photo from “meh” to “wow.” The good thing about this is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get the best out of your phone photos and impress your followers on social media.

We at Bright Side want to share with you some easy hacks that will take your photography game to the next level. Check out and save these creative tricks for your next photoshoot and master your camera lens like a pro.

1. Create your own reflection effect

  • Grab 2 smartphones. You will take the picture with one and flip the other one with the screen upward. Use the smartphone screen as a “mirror” and create a reflection effect in your photograph.

2. How to get a cool flying shot

  • Place your smartphone on the ground with the front camera turned on. Go up to a step. Move your feet slightly over the edge and take the picture as if you were floating above the camera.

3. Rotate your camera for an even more interesting mirrored photograph

  • When you already have a nice spot where you can take a natural mirrored photo, make it even more interesting by rotating the camera 90°.

4. Take a retro-style portrait

  • You will need a CD and a flashlight. Ask a friend to hold the CD on one side of the camera and shine the lamp in the direction of the CD with the other hand. Play with the lights and take an original retro photo.

5. Raining petals photo

  • To get this romantic shot, place some flower petals in an umbrella. Rotate the umbrella quickly and take multiple shots to ensure you get the perfect petal rain photo.

6. Follow this step-by-step to get a magical shot

  • Stand in front of a mirror. Splash a few drops of water on the mirror.
  • Lower the camera exposure to zero.
  • Activate the flash and place your hand under a few of the drops.
  • Take the picture and get a unique magical shot.

7. DIY camera filter

  • Get a transparent plastic bag and put your smartphone inside it. Where the camera is, color over it with a red and blue marker. The result will be a photograph with a filter made by you.

8. Make your own studio light

  • To get the perfect portrait, you can make your own studio light using a white plastic bag and a lamp. Put the lamp inside the bag and enjoy a brilliant professional studio photo.

The results:

9. Recreate this rainy effect

  • Position your subject behind a window. Splash water on the window, simulating raindrops. Take the photo through the window and recreate an image worthy of the main character in a movie.

10. Try this trick to get a creative colorful image

  • Place a bowl with candy and 2 glasses on a table, one on each side of the bowl.
  • On top of them place an empty photo frame or a piece of glass. Splash water on it.
  • Zoom in with your camera to the water drops and take your picture.
  • Get a colorful result that you can share on social media or use as a screensaver.

11. DIY photo light box

  • Fold a white sheet from corner to corner and secure it with a paper clip. Place it under a table lamp. Put the product you want to photograph inside and take a product photograph on a perfectly white background.

12. Use your laptop screen to create an editorial background

  • You will need a laptop screen, a black sheet of paper, and a piece of glass. Place the black paper and glass on top of the keyboard. Select an attractive background on your screen and take a product photo with a professional feel.

13. No photoshop skills needed for this photo trick

  • Set your phone on panoramic mode. Slowly take the panoramic shot with your camera, so your subject can move to different places in the photograph. Play with different positions and faces. Just make sure to not crop your subject while moving!

The result:

What is your favorite trick that you will be trying during your next photoshoot? Share it with us in the comments.


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