13 Unexpected Ways Your Body Can Surprise You

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Everything our body does is jaw-dropping. Let’s take eating for instance. The way we taste the food using our different taste buds. Followed by how the brain differentiates between various tastes and flavors. And how we efficiently chew our food and swallow it until our brain signals that we’re satiated. There are also many complicated things going on inside our bodies that only a few people get to experience.

The Bright Side team surfed the web to find the most astonishing things the human body is capable of for your enjoyment.

1. “Unexpected eye difference after anesthesia”

2. “My wife has Raynaud’s Syndrome.”

3. “I’m a female and have a beard due to a medical condition.”

4. “I have a single transverse palmar crease which is a single crease that extends across the palm of your hand.”

5. “My right eye — it doesn’t cause any noticeable sight problems.”

6. 2 legs, 2 different colors

7. “You can see how much my hair has grown since I dyed it ~26 hrs ago.”

8. “How far my hands bend backward”

9. “I just found a long white hair growing out of my wrist. I’m confident it wasn’t there last night.”

10. “The large red patch on my cheek. It remains a mystery.”

11. “I have a birthmark in my eye. It’s called sectoral heterochromia.”

12. “I have a single line across my palm.”

13. “My 15-year-old cousin’s hand compared to my wife’s hand.”

What are the 3 pictures that surprised you the most? Have you ever seen someone who can do something with their body that many people can’t? What was their superpower?


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