13 Unobvious Color Combinations Most Girls Don’t Even Think About

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3 years ago

Few people risk wearing colorful clothing on a daily basis. Many people are more used to sporting neutral colors due to the dress code at their work, while others simply don’t know what color combinations look good together. But not everything is as complicated as it seems. The only thing you need to do is remember several color combinations that look great in any kind of outfit.

We at Bright Side made a small cheat sheet for those who are still afraid of wearing colorful clothes. We even found great examples of contrasting pieces worn by stylish, everyday people that you’re likely to be inspired by!

Yellow + blue

The combination of saturated yellow and bright blue looks bold but if you try to combine pastel shades, it will look softer. Dark shades of blue and deep shades of yellow look good together as well.

Blue + red

Any colors can be combined if they’re of the same saturation level. For example, bright red and bright blue look perfect together.

Blue + green

Colors of one temperature go well with one another. For example, warm shades of blue and green or cooler shades of the same colors look good together.

Yellow + purple

Very few people dare to wear purple and yellow combinations. Perhaps that’s because outfits bearing these colors always attract attention!

Pastel blue or purple + soft pink

With a combination of soft shades of pink, purple, and blue, you can achieve airy, feminine looks.

Green + red

Green and red look very bright when put together, and it’s considered to be one of the most contrasting combinations around.

Green + purple

In the clothing set in the left picture, the colors are more muted and darkened. In the second picture, the colors are lighter and more pastel. Thanks to the colors being of similar saturation, both sets look nice.

Orange + blue

The blue-orange combination can look very daring and cute — it just depends on the color saturation. Bright colors in the first look make it bold and a little defiant, while the pastel shades in the second photo add some tenderness to the look.

Pink + green

Just like red, the color pink goes well with light green. No matter how much of these colors are used in your look, the combination always looks lively and fresh.

Blue or dark blue + purple

Blue and purple match well with each other as long as you use the colors of a similar temperature and saturation. The example above shows how color affects the perception of a look. Warmer, lighter shades make the whole image appear lighter, while cooler, muted colors make the look more restrained and official.

Yellow + green

Yellow and green are related colors that sit close to each other on the color wheel. That’s why they complement each other so well, regardless of how much they’re used in one outfit.

Any color + its varying shades

Any color combines well with itself and its different shades. In order to create a monochrome combination when creating a look, simply take one color as a base and choose things within its saturation, using darker or lighter shades of it. The look will be more interesting if you also use fabrics of different textures like leather, fur, lace, etc.

Color + its shade with a print

A look made up of fabrics of one color can become more interesting with the help of a print. Add a striped or checkered detail to your monochrome look or implement accessories with animal or “goosefoot” print on them. This way, the most boring looks will sparkle in a whole new way.

Are you someone who often wears colorful clothes? Or do you prefer to wear classic black and white combinations?


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Oh yeah, this was a great article! I especially liked the options for the muted greens! ?I haven’t ventured into as many muted but this is very convincing!!


I want to try orange + blue combinations. I have brick color pants, I think they will look good with a soft blue t-shirt


These models are pretty inspiring! Love the purple and green


Haven't thought of some of these. I've never been into pink but after seeing these I think I'll change my mind


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