14 Animals Who Light Up Their Humans’ Lives With Charisma

2 years ago

Animals’ personality traits shine through in the way they move, according to a study. Well, some pets’ behavior just screams “fabulous.” Whether it’s a dog who’s proud to roll out its tongue at people or a cat that stands like a meerkat, these furry buddies steal the show wherever they go.

Bright Side is now taking some time to introduce you to fluffies that will win your heart in a second.

1. “Does your dog bite?”
“No, he judges you.”

2. “Our rescue, Hodor, can roll his tongue. So much talent.”

3. “She’ll hold this pose until you pet her.”

4. “My ’meercat,’ Margot”

5. “My dog (left) after bugging her friend for too long”

6. “It’s so hot out, my dog turned into a rotisserie chicken.”

7. “Big smiles from my pup”

8. “I was trying to take a picture of my new haircut.”

9. “This is my boy, Meeko. He has many beautiful photos, but this one is my favorite.”

10. “Our vet called us asking if they can take a picture of our dog, Benji, for their website. This is the picture.”

11. “The face he made when our daughter was splashing in the tub”

12. “How cute is his face?! Can’t wait for him to move to the adoption floor and find his forever home.”

13. “He needs to work on his poker face.”

14. “Turned on the monitor to spy on the kittens and was greeted by this.”

Do you have any pets? Describe their personalities in the comments, along with a photo. We can’t wait to meet your furry best friends!

Preview photo credit wigyori / Reddit


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