14 Celebrities Reveal How They Got Over Their Breakups and We Can Learn a Lot From Them

9 months ago

There’s no right way to move on after a breakup, as the healing process varies for everyone. Each broken heart requires some combination of time, emotional support, and self-care, and it can be a challenging process. Fortunately, several celebrities have shared their personal insights on banishing the breakup blues based on their own healing journey, and their advice can provide valuable guidance for those going through a similar experience.

1. Kelsea Ballerini — Healing on one’s own terms.

Following her separation from ex-husband Morgan Evans, Kelsea Ballerini took on an “active healing journey” to move forward. Her focus was on personal growth, and she dedicated herself fully to her latest album. During an interview, Ballerini spoke about how she was giving her all to the album and to herself in a way she never had before.

Despite her natural inclination to be a “peacemaker” and “people-pleaser,” Ballerini made the decision to prioritize her own needs. She acknowledged that it’s easy to succumb to feelings of shame and to hide away, but she wanted to be able to look back with pride on this season of her life in 10 years’ time. Ballerini emphasized that this was both a difficult and celebratory time in her life, and that it was important not to diminish the latter.

2. Taylor Swift — Going at one’s own pace.

Swift has opened up about how she had experienced heartbreak and how she eventually moved on. Her advice is both specific and relatable.

According to Swift, a heartbroken person’s experience is unique and different from anyone else’s. Time seems to pass differently, and the pain is mental, physical, and emotional, leaving one feeling conflicted. The heartbreak consumes everything and nothing can distract from it.

However, as time passes and new habits are formed, one gets used to not having the constant presence of their ex in their life. One replaces old habits with new ones, like texting friends in a group chat, planning fun dinner parties, and going on adventures with girlfriends.

3. Jennifer Lopez — Knowing one’s own worth first.

McMullan/Sipa USA/East News, © INSTAR Images LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

Jennifer Lopez once discussed the most significant lesson she had learned from her previous relationships. She emphasized the importance of loving oneself. “You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be OK on your own before you’re OK with someone else,” the star shared.

Furthermore, she explained that one needs to recognize their own worth and value before being able to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship with someone else. Until an individual truly loves and values themselves, they cannot expect to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

4. Selena Gomez — Jamming out in good company.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift rely on each other for support when it comes to dating. In an interview, Gomez shared that the 2 friends put together a list of songs for each other as a way to cope with heartbreak.

Gomez explained that they exchange girl-empowering tunes. The 2 friends would sit together and create those playlists, and whenever they were together, they would enjoy jamming out to the songs on them.

5. Katy Perry — Not texting your ex.

Katy Perry has shared that refraining from sending certain messages has saved her on numerous occasions. The singer advises taking a step back and not reacting impulsively in order to avoid saying or doing something that you may regret later.

Perry stated, “It’s like a lesson in self-control,” she said. “I like drafting and then sleeping on it because, for me, my emotions get very heightened in the evening [and] then in the morning when I wake up, I’m like, ’Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t send that! I can get through another day without this situation.’”

6. Miley Cyrus — Trusting that things will work out.

B4859 / Avalon/Photoshot/East News, © WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Miley Cyrus discussed her perspective on couples who reunite after breaking up, drawing from her own experience with Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus stated that she thinks it’s great when couples get back together because it provides an opportunity for each person to focus on their own growth and development. According to Cyrus, being in a relationship can prevent individuals from becoming independent and fully realizing their own potential.

Regarding her own relationship with Hemsworth, the Flowers singer admitted that she didn’t know if they would end up getting back together or if it was truly over. However, she emphasized that she trusted her instincts and believed that she was on the right path regardless of the outcome.

7. Mindy Kaling — Learning to love being alone.

Mindy Kaling has shared her advice on how to handle loneliness when not in a relationship. Kaling, who used to worry about being single in her twenties, now embraces her independence and cherishes her alone time.

The TV mogul believes that being content with being alone stems from having the right mindset. She recognizes that being in the wrong relationship can be far worse than being single. Kaling finds comfort in her autonomy and enjoys spending time with herself. She emphasizes the importance of valuing oneself and enjoying one’s own company, rather than feeling like being in a relationship is necessary for happiness.

8. Alexa Chung — Not booking a haircut.

Alexa Chung shared her views on the common urge to change one’s appearance as their relationship status changes in her book It. She cautioned against the impulse to alter one’s hair, as it is often tied to one’s emotions.

After a breakup, many women opt for a drastic haircut, but Chung advised against it. “Go and kiss loads of other people, but don’t touch your hair... Buy lipstick instead,” the fashion expert shared. She believes that these decisions should not be made when we are in a vulnerable state, as growing out hair takes years.

9. Jennifer Aniston — Not avoiding the pain.

EllenTube/Ferrari Press/East News

Jennifer Aniston spoke out about her separation from Brad Pitt, acknowledging her own distress. The actress dove into the complexities of trying to move forward after a devastating breakup. Aniston believes that the key to starting anew after a heartbreaking end is to confront the pain directly.

According to her, grief has many stages, and the end of a relationship is a sad and emotional experience that can leave one feeling exposed. “When you try to avoid the pain, it creates greater pain,” the actress added.

10. Blake Lively — Growing through it.

Blake Lively has revealed in an interview that she has been able to avoid overly painful breakups. She claimed that her secret is to view each failed relationship as a positive and formative experience.

According to the actress, every romantic relationship has something to teach and offers opportunities for personal growth. “For me, it’s never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends,” she shared.

11. Rihanna — Changing one’s perspective.

When a fan asked Rihanna for advice on dealing with romantic struggles, the singer shared her wisdom via a Twitter direct message. She suggested that heartbreak can be seen as a gift and that it is okay to cry.

However, she also reassured the fan that the pain would not last forever and that they would eventually find love again, which would be even more beautiful. In the meantime, Rihanna encouraged the fan to enjoy and appreciate themselves for who they are.

12. Khloé Kardashian — Keeping yourself busy.

Khloé Kardashian once shared her approach to moving on after a romantic fallout. She suggested that keeping oneself busy with productive activities can help to divert the mind from the heartbreak. Kardashian advised finding a hobby or spending time with loved ones who can help you occupy your mind in a positive way.

However, she also rejected the notion that there is a timeline for healing or getting over someone, acknowledging that the process of healing is personal and unique to each individual. Kardashian stated that everyone heals at their own pace, and some people may take longer to move on from certain loves than others.

13. Gwyneth Paltrow — Finding one’s own peace.

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for coining the term “conscious uncoupling” to describe her divorce from Chris Martin, and she seems to have a level-headed approach to romantic turmoil. In fact, the Goop founder outlined the key elements of her amicable split with the Coldplay singer.

Paltrow emphasized the importance of forgiveness, empathy, and taking responsibility for one’s own role in the relationship. She also advised against holding onto spite, as it can hinder personal growth and prevent healing. Instead, Paltrow suggested focusing on the positive aspects of the former partner and exploring those feelings. By doing so, she believes people can cultivate good feelings and move forward in a positive way.

14. Michael B. Jordan — Leaning into work.

Michael B. Jordan has recently opened up about how he dealt with his breakup with Lori Harvey last year. The actor shared that he was fortunate enough to have a lot of work to keep him busy during that time. Jordan emphasized his belief that everything happens for a reason and that it was vital for him to move on from the experience and grow from it. “I’m a firm believer in that what’s for you is what’s for you, and coming out of that situation... was an experience for me to grow and learn,” he said.

Despite the pain of the breakup, Jordan is optimistic about the future and spoke about the many blessings and great things that are happening in his life. “I’m in my light right now. This is my Jordan year, I mean that,” he said.

Rihanna’s philanthropic efforts are making waves as she continues to use her platform for global change. From her early start with the Believe Foundation in 2006 to her more recent Clara Lionel Foundation, the singer has been involved in a myriad of causes. Her initiatives range from providing education and health assistance in Barbados to global outreach programs. Notably, she has also been a strong advocate for AIDS awareness and cancer research, raising millions of dollars through various campaigns. Her annual charity gala, The Diamond Ball, further amplifies her commitment to philanthropy.

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