14 Celebrities Who Show That Nobody Is Safe From a Bad Photo

4 years ago

Some celebrities have features that seem like they were shaped by artists, and some would go as far as considering them perfect. Their charisma and uniqueness may be part of the qualities that bewitch many. However, it’s still important to remember that each of them is also a human being and that what we know as “perfection” doesn’t always apply to them.

Bright Side gathered pictures of some Hollywood stars that reveal that no one’s safe from looking bad in a photo and that celebs keep their grace because beauty, after all, has nothing to do with perfection.

1. Selena Gomez

2. Sofía Vergara

3. Rihanna

4. Chrissy Teigen

5. Katy Perry

6. Nicki Minaj

7. Miley Cyrus

8. Beyoncé

9. Britney Spears

10. Cara Delevingne

11. Kim Kardashian

12. Jennifer Lawrence

13. Tyra Banks

14. Jennifer Garner

Do you still consider them beautiful, despite the unfortunate pose that was captured by the camera? Do you have photos where you look kinda funny? Share them with us! Maybe we’ll make an article with the best!


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Most good photos are taken when planned. That's how most celebrities fool people into thinking they look good all the time


I don' think the britney spears one is a bad photo.. she's just old


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