14 Celebs We Can’t Believe Are Turning 65 in 2023

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While some celebrities turn to modern beauty treatments to preserve their youthfulness, others prefer to age naturally. Either way, all of these celebrities manage to look younger than their age, and the fact that they will all be turning 65 soon caught us off guard. But as the saying goes, age is just a number, and as these celebs prove, being in your sixties doesn’t have to hold you back.

1. Pop icon Madonna will turn 65 on August 16.

2. Comedian and television host Ellen Degeneres will celebrate her 65th birthday on January 26.

3. British actor Gary Oldman will turn 65 on March 21.

4. Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone will celebrate her birthday on March 10.

5. Another beloved actress, Michelle Pfeiffer, will blow out her birthday candles on April 29.

6. Golden Globe Award winner Angela Bassett will turn 65 on August 16.

7. Kevin Bacon will be celebrating on July 8.

8. Andie MacDowell turns 65 on April 21.

9. Filmmaker Tim Burton will celebrate his birthday on August 25.

10. The Middle star Patricia Heaton turns 65 on March 4.

11. Child’s Play star Jennifer Tilly will turn 65 on September 16.

12. Italian singer Andrea Bocelli will celebrate on September 22.

13. Comedian Drew Carey turns 65 on May 23.

14. Jamie Lee Curtis will celebrate her 65th birthday on November 22.

Which celeb birthday surprised you the most? How do you usually celebrate your special day? Tell us in the comment section below!


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