14 Coincidences That Are Too Good to Be True

5 months ago

Fate isn’t just for the movies and real-life coincidences can be just as incredible. With the internet such a cool place to exchange thoughts, these users have shared some mind-blowing moments that even famous film directors couldn’t script.

  • I was adopted as a baby in one state and 26 years later, I met my birth mother. We both lived in another state about 5 minutes away from each other. SeventeenthSecond / Reddit
  • A classmate of mine sent a fake email that looked legit to select members of my class, saying that we had failed a really important exam that carried bad consequences for our career. After we freaked out, he let us know it was just a joke, and when the results came out a week later, there was only one person who failed: my classmate who had sent the fake email. QuintoJinete / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, we had this plush penguin that would play “Jingle Bells” if you squeezed its stomach. One Christmas, it broke and it just kept playing the song endlessly. This went on for hours — my mom tried stuffing it in a couch cushion, but we could still hear it. Finally, I got super annoyed, grabbed the penguin, and said, “This is really annoying, could you please stop?” It stopped immediately. princessedaisy / Reddit
  • When I was born there was a different guy in the same hospital who was born with the same name as me, on the same day as me. Our moms also have the same name and are both nurses. Now, 17 years later we’re in the same class randomly and we confuse everybody with this crazy coincidence. Hackgilius / Reddit
  • I dated a girl and bought a house. Turns out she used to live in that house when she was a baby. Her mom told us, she had no idea. MichiganHistoryUSMC / Reddit
  • I started dating a girl a few weeks ago. And as it turned out, not only was she living in the same building but the same apartment I lived in 2 years ago. It was so bizarre walking into my old apartment that I never thought I would see it again. What are the odds? Yoinkie2013 / Reddit
  • An officer from a different police department was showing me a picture of a guy they wanted to arrest in a different part of town. As I looked up from the computer, I saw the guy riding by on a bike 5 feet away from the squad car. lotsocows / Reddit
  • My old work ran a Secret Santa once. It was a $10 limit and the person I was buying for I didn’t know very well. So I was in town and saw an old copy of Oliver Twist in the window of the secondhand bookstore. It just called me, so I went in and picked it up. It cost only $10 — perfect. So, the day of the Secret Santa exchange finally came and we were all opening our gifts. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some people crowding around a woman who was crying, and then they started calling out for the person who was her Santa. I went over and revealed that it was me. The lady hugged me. She said that 10 years earlier her house had burned down along with all of her possessions. The book that I bought her was her favorite and also the same edition so it had the same cover she remembered. © Ripley2179 / Reddit
  • The person who sits next to me at work copies everything I do except she has no way of knowing. I wear a blue sweater, she wears a blue sweater. I bring leftover spaghetti, she brings leftover spaghetti. It’s so weird, I almost hate her. TRIGMILLION / Reddit
  • While hiking with my dad as a kid, I was babbling and said, “The teacher told us if you speak too much, a fly will get in your mouth.” At this exact moment, a fly flew into my mouth. nice_disguise / Reddit
  • I used to ride two buses home from work. I got off the first one having left my phone and keys on the front seat of the bus without realizing it. I got on the second bus, went to my favorite front seat, and realized that possessions I didn’t know were missing were waiting for me. The bus had changed the driver and route. Still freaks me out to this day. bigphazell / Reddit
  • Was sitting in a restaurant about 200 miles from where I live telling my mother (who was visiting from a different country) about a trip I had to another country (about 6000 miles away) with a work colleague, and the lady at the table next to us leans over and says ’I think you’re talking about my son.’ Turns out I was sitting next to my colleague’s parents while showing my mum pictures of our trip. denkmit / Reddit
  • I was best friends with this girl in pre-school. After that, we didn’t go to the same schools so we lost touch. Flash forward to my junior year in high school and I meet this girl. I’m walking her home one day and we pass that preschool. We both realized we went there and figured out that we were friends back then. We’ve now been together for 15 years and will finally be getting married in October for our 16th anniversary. FlickieHop / Reddit
  • First grade my parents sold the house and we moved about an hour away. Said goodbye to all my classmates and all that. A month after we moved, the kid I sat next to in my old school moved in across the street. bracko81 / Reddit
  • Me and my girlfriend of 6 years realized we went to the same preschool, but because there were morning and night classes we didn’t think much of it. My mom then sent us a picture of us next to each other with her in a wedding dress. ( It was just me and my girlfriend in the picture) Unknown author / Reddit

Life is full of strange coincidences. For instance, Anne Hathaway’s husband looks a lot like William Shakespeare, and there are more similarities between the couples from different centuries.

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