14 Dads Who Don’t Mind Walking the Extra Mile for Their Kids

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3 years ago

From letting their daughters paint their nails to building toys for their kids, some fathers can juggle it all. They prioritize their kids’ happiness over everything, even if that means stepping out of their own comfort zone.

Bright Side salutes these “daddy greatest” who make the world a better place, one happy kid at a time.

1. “Some things never change.”

2. “It’s tough being a single daddy.”

3. “As a dad, giving my daughter the hairstyle that makes her feel like a queen always is a win in my book.”

4. “My dad rappelling with me strapped to his back in the early ’90s.”

5. “Dad teaching me how to make cornbread. Houston, TX, 1986.”

6. “The go-cart my Dad built for me when I was around 6 years old (1996)”

7. “Me and my daughters, 25 years ago. I have lived a good life.”

8. “My Dad teaching me how to skate! (1995)”

9. “My Dad studying for his medical degree whilst looking after me. 1984”

10. A photo of me and my dad on a camping trip, 1987.

11. My stepdad provided for our family during trying times.

12. My son asked my dad if he knew where to find a treasure. He made a map and hid treasures around our property, and took him on a treasure hunt.

13. My dad shaved his head to support me losing my hair. So then, the obvious next thing to do was to take a “Bald is Beautiful” family portrait.

14. “My dad would give me a ’señorita’ half-up style, and it was my favorite. Who says dads can’t be a mom too? (1994)”

What is the fondest memory you have with your father? Share your sweet photos with us in the comments below!

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my real father was my Poppa. the fondest memory I have of him was when he took me to the zoo. It was just him and I. I seriously miss this man sooooo much!!!! 💯💯


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