14 Girls Who Were Brave Enough to Get a Short Haircut and It Was a Great Decision

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2 years ago

What do girls do when they need a change in their lives? Exactly — they go to the salon. There is no more efficient and simple way to do something new with yourself. And it’s great when the changes are as cool as the girls from our collection.

These girls proved the theory that you shouldn’t be scared of trying something new or feel sorry that you’re cutting hair that took you so long to grow out. We at Bright Side fully support them.

14. Ideal pixie

13. Extended Bob — the cut that suits almost everyone.

12. Pixie blonde: only for the most daring ones. And for the winners!

11. When you are ready to be bold!

10. Long or short? Short!

9. New length, new color, new style

8. Ideal, light, carefree

7. Short. Bold. Cool!

6. The new haircut looks better, don’t you agree?

5. Who said that curly hair doesn’t look good short?

4. Another extended bob. By the way, this cut grows out very well.

3. Complete image change: we vote for the second one.

2. New haircut — new life. Don’t you agree?

1. Don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Which image did you like the best?

Preview photo credit rodrigovizu/instagram.com


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