14 Hairstyles That Can Be Done in 3 Minutes

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2 years ago

No time to think up a new hairstyle, but sick of wearing your hair loose all the time? Then these lifehacks are what you need.

We at BrightSide.me are willing to bet that you’ve never styled your hair as well or as quickly as you will if you try some of these out.

Using a hairpin

Doing curls

Using a thin hairband

For a loose ponytail

Using a broad hairband

A French twist

Remember to fasten this one together with hairpins at the end.

Bun and braid combo

A low ponytail with flower

A loose knot

Fasten together with hairpins.

An alternative bun with braid

Around-the-head braid

Side ponytail

An alternative bun

For a low, horizontal braid


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