14 Illustrations That Show the Irony of Modern Relationships

Adriana Manhattan is a counselor and artist who draws ironic and cute illustrations of modern relationships. Online dating, complicated texting rules, and all the other ins and outs of a person in love — that’s what makes her Instagram account so popular and relatable.

Adriana Manhattan draws brilliant illustrations for all those who know what it means to be in love in the 21st century. She knows most problems seem less scary if you have a good sense of humor.

Bright Side chose the funniest and most ironic of her cartoons.


“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” You have butterflies in your stomach, you’re dying of anticipation, and you’re guessing what he wants to say... Anyways, sometimes the typing seems more intriguing than the text itself.


This is getting serious!


So what if we text all day long? He’s just a friend. You have my word!


Besties are always there for you. No matter how insignificant the event might seem, your feelings are number one.


What exactly did he mean by that? *reading a message from a year ago*


Oh, this self-control vs killing mode when they are talking to the person you shouldn’t worry about.


All’s well that ends well. Even if it doesn’t, at least we have the sweet memories.


There used to be the “3-day rule” for calling back. What are the rules for texting back?!


Calm down, and eat. Missing someone feels easier when you’re full.


Oh, no! Not this time!


And they lived happily ever after. With someone else.


Overthinking, overanalyzing, overreacting... After all, we have the right to experience it all from time to time!


Imagination has its own plans for the future. And no, it is not rushing things. Maybe just a little bit...


It’s never a bad idea to have second thoughts. They might be more positive and creative.

What does love mean to you? Comment on how a sense of humor helps you to overcome relationship issues!

Preview photo credit adrianamanhattan / instagram


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