14 Items That Every Lady Should Have in Her Bag

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3 years ago

A lady’s bag is a seemingly bottomless item that fits an enormous amount of both useful and useless things. You can always find some unique things in it and some of them might not only save the girl who carries them around, but also someone else from getting into an awkward situation.

Bright Side is going to tell you about the necessary things that are worth keeping in this female accessory because one might find themselves in a weird situation at the most unexpected moment without them. At the end of the article, there is an interesting bonus waiting for you.

Extra pair of socks / tights

In fall, it’s easy to step in a puddle and get your feet wet. In winter, you might even end up in a snowdrift, get the snow out of your boots, and realize that your feet are wet. An extra pair of socks is a necessary thing to have in your bag — it will help you to always stay warm.


Oftentimes, a piece of salad or a nut gets into the furthest corner of your mouth and starts to bother you. Don’t try to get it out with your hands — using a toothpick is a better solution. However, keep in mind that you should cleanse your mouth using this method in a restroom, rather than in public.

Make sure to choose toothpicks that are packaged securely, otherwise, you might end up with scattered toothpicks all over your bag.


Forms of identification, like your passport and health insurance, should always be kept close at hand. These documents are required in stores, at the post office, in a clinic, to pick up paid online orders, and at the bank.


Sometimes we feel too lazy to take an umbrella because it is too uncomfortable to carry — it occupies our hands and the wind always tries to snatch this huge item from us. Additionally, umbrellas tend to occasionally turn inside out when the wind is too strong. A raincoat is a better option in this case — it takes up very little space and helps at just the right moment.

Your blood type data and the phone numbers of close relatives

In some cases, medical workers need to know a person’s blood type. Also, if you suddenly happen to require an ambulance, it will be important for medical workers to find your relatives quickly so they can inform them of where you are.

Hand sanitizer

The scientific project done by Danielle Abadam shows how many germs live on our hands. That’s why in order to avoid various illnesses, it’s recommended to disinfect our hands before each meal, after using the toilet, and after being in other public places.


Sunscreen is necessary not only on the beach in summer to sunbathe, but also every day in the winter. Dawn Dorsey from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center mentioned how important it is to apply sunscreen all year round in order to decrease the risk of getting skin cancer.

Lip balm or gloss

Our lips can get really dry in windy weather, that’s why always carrying lip balm with you is a necessary thing — after all, your lips require proper care as well. Also, a tint or a shimmery gloss might be a great help when your day finishes and an evening out on the town starts — you may not have time to drop by home and apply your evening makeup.

Hand cream

Moisturizing hand cream will save your hands from the cold in the winter, and after swimming in a salty sea in the summer. Applying nourishing cream is not only pleasant, but also a useful procedure to keep your hands looking young.

Powerbank and charger

Nowadays people can’t take a single step without having their smartphone with them. We need to read reviews, get directions, call friends, and read stories on Bright Side to boost our mood. In order to not be without our phone at the most unexpected moment, it’s better to always carry a powerbank or a charger with you.

Travel-sized perfume

A trail of perfume is something that will be remembered by others and will remain in the room even after you leave. Having a mini-bottle of your favorite perfume in your purse is not a luxury, but a real necessity.


Even if “those days” are still far away, your friends or an unknown girl in the restroom may need them. Moreover, it’s good to always have some tampons on hand, in case your cycle decides to shift a bit.

Wooden comb

Tousled hair always looks messy. A small comb won’t take up much space but at the same time will help maintain a neat look.

Wet wipes

If sanitizer can protect hands from germs, wet wipes can help keep shoes and clothes clean. They are vital if you accidentally drip sauce on your trousers, spill some coffee on your top, or get your down jacket dirty because you touched a dirty car.


  • The issue of the lost screw from the hinge of my glasses occurs in my life more often than I would like. So I decided to temporarily secure it with a toothpick. Turns out, it works fine — the temples fold well and the toothpick stays in its place. I decided to keep it like this forever — I’ve had no issues with it for 3 months now. © kybo3 / pikabu

What items in your bag have come to your rescue? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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Hand sanitizer has to be the most popular thing people carry around today :D


Is the sunscreen really needed? I don't think so.. it really depends on where you live no?


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