14 Movies That Will Turn Even the Hardest Day Into a Holiday

4 years ago

Each movie has its own goal. Some leave us scratching our heads as we try to solve a mystery, some make us think about the issues of the modern world, and then there are those that play out historical events from unexpected angles. But there are also movies that serve as “happy pills” for viewers and it’s these that we need to watch when we’re having a bad day.

Bright Side editorial wants to dedicate this article to everyone feeling down today. Simply choose any movie from this article and let it dispel at least a part of the clouds hanging above your head.

Life Doesn’t Come Again

This Indian movie is about a loving couple who are soon be engaged. But before making this important step, the couple decides to collect their friends and arrange some unforgettable holidays. They set a goal: to have as much fun as they can and paint the town red. This movie is full of bright colors and emotion and will make you want to rejoice and live life to the fullest.


The main character of the movie is an American weapon consultant named Brian Gilcrest. He is 37, complicated, and turned off by his surroundings. Brian gets sent to Hawaii where he’s supposed to control the launch of a spy-satellite. On the island, he meets a girl named Tracy and that’s when his warm Hawaiian adventure starts.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Ron Hall and his wife Debbie are a wealthy couple whose lives are pretty close to perfect. But even living such an idyllic life has its own issues that test the strength of their relationship. They meet some homeless people who end up turning their idea of life upside down, serving as sudden salvation for the family.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

The main character falls in love with a mysterious stranger and is ready to take on different things for recognition. It could be another “vanilla” movie about love in Wild West. However, it’s this very background that adds drive and edge to the movie.

One Wild Moment

2 old friends go on a trip with their daughters to sunny Corsica, where sandy beaches and new acquaintances are waiting for them. However, their friendship appears to be in danger because one of the daughters falls in love with her friend. And her strict father is prepared to kill anyone who approaches his kid.

C’est la vie!

Max is a professional event planner and gets a new client who wants a wedding set in an old castle. The main character needs to take into account every detail in order to make the celebration unforgettable. However, nothing is as simple as it seems.

From Naples With Love

Young Ciro lives in a big Neapolitan family. He is the center of the universe not only for his loving mother but also for all his uncles, aunties, and even neighbors. Such intense care would make anyone go mad. However, Ciro falls in love with his classmate and absolutely doesn’t understand how to get her to like him back. Fortunately, he meets a shy school psychologist who promises to help him get closer to his crush. Instead, Ciro must help his new friend win the affection of his impregnable mother.


Men are big kids — at least, that’s what can be said about the main characters of this movie. Back in their school days, 5 friends started a game that became an advanced version of “tag.” However, the older they get, the more difficult it becomes to tag another participant. But because of this, they need to watch for each other in unexpected places, show up at their friends’ offices, and come up with new ingenious plans to take on. After some time, there was just one friend who had never been tagged. As luck would have it, he’s planning a wedding, and the groom will have to do his best not to let his friends catch him by surprise.


Almost everyone needs a good excuse to skip a family dinner, to ditch school, or to leave their spouse for a day to spend some time with friends. That’s what Greg’s agency does: he and his friends come up with convincing alibis for their clients. Ironically, being the best liar in the world, Greg falls in love with a girl who cannot stand lies. What should one do in such a situation? Keep telling more lies in a more convincing way, of course!

The Hippopotamus

A number of “miraculous healings” in an aristocratic family has created quite the buzz. Of course, not everyone believes that a real wizard is living in the family mansion, which is why in order to understand what’s happening, they invite Ted Wallace, a disgraced poet, skeptic, and overall rowdy person. He is going to expose all the lies of the rich and manages to do it. But his revelation is not what he expected.


Young Nathan is growing up and is a reserved but very smart guy. When his mother notices his mathematical talent, she finds a tutor for him. Humphreys, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and once took part in the International Mathematical Olympiad, becomes his teacher. And this time, it’s Nathan who is going to take part in the competition. But solving math equations is not enough. He needs to learn to communicate with peers, become less isolated, and even fall in love for the first time.

Eighth Grade

Most often it’s unique, strong, talented and somewhat weird people that become lead characters in our favorite films. But each of them has something special. However, Eighth Grade is a movie about a regular girl named Kayla. She’s an introvert who is trying to overcome the last week of eighth grade before moving on to high school. Despite the simplicity of the main character, the movie is far from boring and will make you feel nostalgic about your teenage years.

Welcome to the Sticks

The main character of this charming comedy is Philippe Abrams. He works high up in the post department of Salon-de-Provence, a city located in the south of France and dreams about moving to a paradise town not far from Marseille. But instead, he appears just north of the country that’s inhabited by rude, impolite people. Suddenly our hero realizes that the atmosphere where he is going to live is not northern at all but rather warm and joyful, killing his old stereotypes.

Home Again

Alice is a single mother and the daughter of a famous Hollywood director. She grew up in an atmosphere filled with creativity alongside eccentric artists. The girl herself is engaged in interior design and over time, begins to avoid bohemia in order to completely dedicate herself to her passion. Of course, her work brings on some difficulties too and in order to relieve her stress, Alice decides to paint the town red on her birthday after which she wakes up with 3 unknown men in her home.

Are there any movies you always watch to boost your mood? Please share them with us in the comments!


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