14 People That Knew Celebrities Way Before They Were Famous

2 years ago

Classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, and neighbors sometimes become not only successful people but celebrities. And 10 years later, you look at your old photos and realize that you went to the same school with a future millionaire, singer, or actor. Or you see your ex on TV every day. This must be a really weird feeling, but the people from our compilation still decided to share their photos with the world.

Maybe Bright Side readers also have some old photos with a future celebrity.

1. “My aunt knew Bradley Cooper in college, before he was famous.”

2. “My aunt dated Ashton back when he was young, so I thought I’d take this time to let everybody else know about my family treasure.”

3. “My mom dated Adam Sandler in high school.”

“This is them at prom!!!”

4. “Just found these pics of Leo with my family... (he dated my aunt).”

5. “So my mom dated Matt Le Blanc and she finally found a picture of them.”

6. “Turns out my mom dated a movie star in high school.”

7. “My sister used to date Usher in high school and she is just now telling me.”

8. “When my aunt dated Jamie Fox and we called him Uncle Jamie...”

9. “Someone found Ansel Elgort in their yearbook.”

10. “So my mom decides to tell me she dated John Legend secretly when I was 10???”

11. “My Uncle is good friends with Queen Latifah.”

12. “My daddy used to date that girl from Martin.”

13. “My aunt dated Jimmy Fallon.”

14. “I just found out a friend of mine went to high school with Zac Efron. He pulled out his yearbook as proof.”

Which famous person would you like to have a photo with?

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