14 People Who Did a Tremendous Job to Change Beyond Recognition

4 years ago

Anyone who has ever tried to change themselves knows how difficult it is not to give up, despite all challenges. The people in this article inspire us with their own stories. Though their goals were really hard to achieve, they still got what they wanted, no matter how much time it took them, whether it was 10 days or 10 years.

Bright Side thinks that there’s nothing more important than your inner harmony and we admire people who manage to achieve it. There’s also a bonus at the end of the article: a story of a girl who shared her experience with others in hopes that it could help someone.

“10-year difference: I owe a lot to contacts, braces, and filling in my eyebrows.”

The result of nose and chin surgeries and face lifting

“Now my ears are almost perfect, and I’m happy!”

“Before and after surgery for alternating esotropia”

“Ever since I became a licensed aesthetician, I’ve been encouraging her to show her skin a little more love. The top of her cheek is how her skin appeared before. The bottom of her cheek is what we revealed in our first session.”

“This is before and after rhinoplasty that I needed after an injury. My tip collapsed every time I smiled. The surgery helped me get rid of this flaw.”

“6 months with no drugs or alcohol! My wife says I’m looking better every day.”

“From 98 lb to 150 lb in 2 years! Eating food may not be as fun, but gaining weight and banishing a mental block sure is. Adios, anorexia!”

“May 2018 vs May 2019 — I’m slowly figuring out my skin!”

Successful orthognathic surgery (jaw) and rhinoplasty (nose)

“Before and after going vegan”

“I broke 2 teeth and got see-through teeth with 2 metal bridges. Now I have veneers with 2 fake teeth built in. Finally, I feel good about smiling.”

“I gave up alcohol 16 days ago. During the first 5 days, I noticed emotional and psychological changes, but then my body started to change really fast. Even just 10 days makes a difference!”

Bonus: “I needed a tracheotomy and emergency surgery after developing a very severe infection. I was properly vaccinated as a child but have a weak immune system. Anti-vaxxers put lives at risk, and that’s why I’m sharing these terrible pictures!”

Do you have an interesting transformation story?

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They look really good after their changes! Nice that they found power to change themselves, especially those who had plastic surgery.

I would be so scared to let surgeons perform something like this on my body!


I'm not a fan of plastic surgeries, like, for example, Kardashians do with their bodies, where they completely change everything beyond recognition.. but if it's something minor like a nose job or so, just to remove something person doesn't like, it's fine and even cool :)


As long as it makes them feel more comfortable in their bodies, it's good! :)


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