14 Photos That Make Us Believe in Humanity Again

5 years ago

If you’ve suddenly lost your faith in humanity, there is one good remedy — these kind photos. Look at the boy who saved his friend, or the dog who found its home, and you will understand that our world is still a wonderful place to live in.

Bright Side put together some touching photos that show human kindness and generosity of the heart.

A homeless dog entered a church during a wedding ceremony and laid down on the bride’s veil when the couple was standing at the altar. The newlyweds considered it a good sign and took the dog home.

Brownies & Downies is not only a cafe, but also a training center for the socialization of disabled people. The majority of employees of this chain, which has 30 locations, are people with Down Syndrome.

An American town celebrated Christmas in September for a terminally ill boy who might not live until Christmas.

These volunteers are showing empty cages because all the animals were adopted during a Clear the Shelters day.

Adam Brown used to be a successful businessman but he left everything and established a charity organization called Pencils of Promise which builds schools in Africa.

An ambulance was taking a dying man to the hospital and they asked him if he’d like something to eat. He asked for ice cream and the paramedics found it for him.

A boy wrote a book to save his friend with a rare liver disease. He managed to raise $1 million for his treatment.

A 98-year-old war veteran couldn’t leave his home because there was no ramp for his wheel chair. Other retired officers got together and built a new ramp for him.

“Last night, PC Millyard assisted in talking a suicidal male down from a bridge. Today, he came to the station with some flowers to say ’thank you’ for her efforts.”

“My neighbor’s dog snatched my son’s sneaker that was drying on the porch and ripped it. Here’s what I found on my porch this weekend.”

This alligator lost its tail while being transported illegally by smugglers, but thanks to 3D technology it got a new tail.

12-year-old Noah participates in triathlon races together with his brother Lucas who’s confined to a wheelchair.

Here’s how the owners of private houses in Estonia leave apples for their neighbors who live in apartment buildings and don’t have gardens:

Farmers helped a guy propose to his girlfriend. They allowed him to place these words on their field and didn’t harvest it until the future groom and bride flew above it in a helicopter.


“The captain of flight 2354 bought pizza for everybody who was stuck in Wichita Falls Regional Airport after a weather diversion. I don’t think I’ve seen this before.”

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Was apart of the little boy who's town was turned into Christmas we even had a Christmas parade. His family was a true inspiration for the whole community

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